Kids On Tour Musical Field Trips For School Children

Field trips provide an integral part of any good education and the experience of travelling with a musical purpose is no exception. This provides a unique opportunity to experience the music of other cultures and nations and also perform in settings that would otherwise not be accessible to schools. [More]

How To Have A Classy, Rock-Themed Wedding

Just because it’s a rock music-themed wedding doesn’t mean it has to be wild-looking, because there is an aspect of rock music culture that has a sense of class. Think Freddie Mercury of Queen or the slick suits of ska musicians. Think of punk groups like the Buzzcocks in working class-style suit jackets and street attitude. Another source of inspiration would be steampunk culture, with its emphasis on vintage 18th century fashion merged with speculative technological advancements. Glam fashion and leather wear can also be integrated into your rock wedding theme, reminiscent of David Bowie’s aesthetics and 80’s glam rock. New Wave bands and mod fashion exude a kind of rebellious classiness that values stylish clothing and art-cool sensibilities. [More]

The Makings of a Concert: What Really Goes on Backstage

When people go to concerts, they are usually amazed with the whole set up and wonder how the band or musician managed to come up with the package. Nothing good comes easy, so you can be sure that coming up with the entire masterpiece takes a lot of preparation. Heavy artillery and several tractor trailers filled with production gear are normally moved to the venue. Plenty of action takes place backstage, which is why people are not granted free access; one has to have a backstage pass. A large team of highly skilled professionals are usually featured backstage, who work on the lighting, sound and video production. [More]

How to Choose a Wedding Reception Band

There’s nothing quite like live music to help spice up your reception, and while a DJ can often be fun, a band can offer something a little more than prerecorded music just can’t beat. Before you select the first band you see listed online, though, you may want to do a bit of research to get the right band to meet your needs. [More]

Wedding Reception Etiquette: Questions on Adult Receptions and Open Bars

Planning a wedding ceremony requires proper organization and close attention to details. Similarly, planning a wedding reception needs careful preparation as well. No matter what size the reception will be, you’ll have to deal with a myriad of factors and check every detail - from venue, motif, and decorations, to the menu, guest favors and many more. [More]

Make Your Wedding Reception One To Remember

You want your wedding day to be the most memorable of your life. This is the dream that everybody has but the pressures that involves mean that it is also one of the most stressful experiences you will ever have, too, particularly in the build-up to the big day. With so many things with the potential to go wrong on the day, perhaps the biggest part to try and get right is the one where all of your friends will come together to celebrate your special day; the reception. Here are some major dos and don't that you should bear in mind for the special occasion. [More]