The sun always shines on The Strides

What an amazing summer so far!!!We've been to Inverness, Aberdeen, Glenrothes, Glasgow, Edinburgh, A [More]

6 Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

Music can be easy to forget when one has to go through numerous fittings for wedding outfits, but it should definitely be on the priority list. Here are six wedding music mistakes you should NOT make. [More]

Should You Hire a Live Wedding Band?

Undoubtedly, music is the rhythm of any celebration, including your wedding day. That is why it is very important to carefully think about it during the wedding planning process early on. Can’t decide on the right music maker? Here are some reasons why we think a live band should play the tunes on your special day. [More]

Yorkshire Gig

So Sleekit Beasties had our furthest gig away so far this year, all the way in Yorkshire. The wedding was an amazing one - even if the few Scottish people there were the only ones who could actually understand us! We were even impressed with their ceilidh dancing - even if it took some (detailed) explaining on our part. The venue was part of a England National Trust site, which meant a strict [More]


SUPERHOUSE June Update  Hello everybody and welcome to another blog. Wedding season is in full [More]

Why SUPERHOUSE Is Value For Money

Why SUPERHOUSE is Value for money SUPERHOUSE offer so much to our clients at one of the best rates [More]

White Doves Revving Up For Summer 2015

White Doves have been working their musical socks off in preparations for summer 2015, which is shap [More]

Kickback Update!

Definately turning into Kickbacks busiest year, and some of the testimonials we’ve been getting are [More]