The Strides are Borders Bound!!

Heading to Kelso this weekend. Sunshine is apparently on it's way as well (about time).... Great gig [More]

Yes, we do play in Barns...

Now we've played some interesting venues in our time (everywhere from castles to houses) but this one was particularly interesting. This one was us playing in a gigantic barn, on a farm, about an hour and a half south-west of Dumfries. This barn was huge! We were able to drive our cars straight into it, past the bouncy castle, through the hay bales, beside the tables and to the stage. The stage itself [More]

Wedding Music: Live or Pre-recorded?

Wedding music planning is all just one big decision after another. Fortunately, you don’t have to agonise over whether you should have live wedding music or not - why not do both? Here’s how to go about using both live and pre-recorded music during your wedding day. [More]


The summer solstice places us right in the middle of wedding season, and we here at Goldstar  h [More]