Striding on through summer...

The amazing summer of weddings continues :-)Last weekend Glencorse Old Kirk in Penicuik, this weeken [More]

5 Reasons To Have Your Wedding in Autumn

Couples typically choose to tie the knot in the summer (the June bride), or in the spring when the flowers are all in bloom. But just as there are a lot of good reasons to hold your wedding during these popular seasons, there are just as many reasons to choose getting hitched in the fall. [More]

Loch Lomond and Cheesecake??

Now as a band, we get to play in some pretty spectacular places. For some reason though, playing right beside Loch Lomond always gets us (we've done that a few times this year). It's just the most incredible view - (Just to say that 1. Yes that is Matt out there standing dangerously close to all that water and 2. I don't think Andy was quite ready for this photo. Just ignore the band members here [More]

Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted to Doves

Well well well - it's been a busy month for all&nb [More]

How to Pull Off a Fun Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions should be enjoyable not just for the guests, but most especially for the couple who just got hitched. After all the stressful planning sessions, this is the time to loosen up and enjoy the results of all those months of blood and tears. [More]