2016 here we go!

Happy 2016 everyone! I hope you all had a lovely festive period and recharged your batteries fo [More]

Gigging down in Lincoln

First of all Happy New Year Everyone! So the Sleekit Beasties had quite an incredible 2015. It was filled with many gigs, lots of opportunities to meet with you all and of course lots of ceilidhing. On a side note, the Sleekit Beasties are fairly confident that 'ceilidhing' is not technically a word, but we're deciding to use it anyway! At the end of last year (somewhere in those middle days between [More]

Happy 2016 from The Apollos!

Happy New Year from the Apollos! Hope January is being good to everyone. We've had a busy month rehe [More]

Striding into 2016

Well.... Here we come.... 2016...... Brace yourself.... The Strides are busier than ever! We ha [More]

Kickback Kick Back

What a year 2015 was, definitely Kickback’s busiest yet! So many amazing nights, and some of the bes [More]

New Year New Franco

Well not really a new Franco Just some new services and songs. But thats pretty good. And you're wel [More]