3 Reasons to Get Married in Aberdeen

Aberdeen might not be at the top of your list of locations when thinking about where to hold a wedding in Scotland, but there are perfectly good reasons to choose it over more popular cities like Glasgow. Read on to learn three reasons to do so. [More]

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Outdoor Venues for Weddings in Dundee

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SUPERHOUSE Spring 2016 Update

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(Iron) Man + Wife

Maybe you don't know this (seeing as you're not a sleekit beastie) but The Sleekit Beasties like to play a game whenever we see each other. Basically, we all try and make Sam laugh as much as humanly possibly - especially at inappropriate moments. We would encourage you all to start playing this game too. There was also some fairly cool cake decorations at yesterday's wedding. We're afraid the [More]

Killing time at Dumfries House

Occasionally weddings run behind, there are obviously so many things trying to happen in (hopefully) perfect synchronisation that sometimes things run behind. When this does happen at weddings other bands probably tune their guitars, change their drum skins and do some vocal warm-ups. However, the Sleekit Beasties are no normal ceilidh band. Firstly, we tried to see if we could all fit in the front of [More]

Neil's Wedding

Congratulations to our drummer Neil and his Wife Rachel who recently tied the knot, what a great day [More]

Spring Chicks

Hellooooo! We have had a great start to 2016 and we are so happy spring is upon us, that means summe [More]

Springing into Action with The Apollos...

Spring has finally arrived, and with it a lot of incredible gigs all around Scotland. [More]

Matt Multitasking to the Max...

We had a great time last night at Fingask in Perth. Note: Fingask Castle is a completely different venue from Fingask Farm (this is why us beasties head off to our weddings super early, and we always check the post code!). Last night Matt decided not only to show off his musical chops, but also his video chops : Also note: if you do grab the videographer's camera, make sure you're actually [More]