Now this is a First Dance....

So a while back we wrote a blog post about first dances, you can see that here - ( But last weekend's first dance was quite simply incredible. They started off with Let's Stay Together by Al Green, but then kicked into a huge mega mix of songs - including Walk Of Life, Edge of Seventeen, I [More]

Angels and First Dances

We had an incredible time at last night's wedding, people were up dancing the whole night we didn't have to resort to our quick wit and humour to get them up! It was one of those weddings where even though we had to stop playing (something about noise restrictions and disturbing the peace) they kept on singing, and they kept on dancing: Also, a fun fact for you all, yesterday's first dance was [More]

The Apollos - Upcoming Gigs!

What an incredible year of weddings and functions! We've had the opportunity to perform in some of S [More]

SUPERHOUSE November Update

SUPERHOUSE November UpdateHello one and all and welcome to another blog! Sorry we have been slacking [More]

What to Do When You’re Nervous about Your First Dance

Song and dance is an expression. Your first dance must express not only your individual personalities, it must express who you are as a couple. [More]

Spring is springing for The Strides...

Finnegans Wake was a blast last week!! The place is always bouncing, and the bouncing punters did no [More]

2015 - Here we come!

Well we had a busy year, but the next one looks even busier!! We're playing in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, [More]

Top 12 Wedding Songs of 2014

2014 may have ended, but it definitely left us with a list of fresh and memorable must-play songs for the new wedding season. Now that 2015 is finally here, let’s take a look at last year’s most popular contemporary wedding tracks. [More]

Jetting around Scotland

Well… what can I say, it’s been a busy busy year for The Jets so far. We’ve played all over Scotland [More]

30 Popular First Dance Wedding Songs

Some brides and grooms get very nervous at the mere mention of the first dance. The first dance is one of the most romantic moments of your wedding reception, and also the start of your evening celebrations. Perhaps you already have a song that's ‘your song' and will make a perfect first dance track. If you choose a song that is meaningful to you both, and makes you happy, that first dance should go very smoothly. [More]