How to Keep Kids Occupied at Your Dundee Wedding

Aside from being a great wedding location, Dundee is also a kid-friendly city with activities that any child can enjoy. If your guests are bringing kids to your wedding in Scotland’s fourth-largest city, here are some tips to keep them occupied. [More]

Summer Fever with The Apollos

Hi guys! Here's another update about what we've been up to this year. [More]

Springing into Action with The Apollos...

Spring has finally arrived, and with it a lot of incredible gigs all around Scotland. [More]

Seven Ways to Properly Handle Kids in Your Wedding

Many couples prefer to have a grown-ups only wedding to keep the occasion more manageable and stress-free as possible. However, unless the occasion you are planning for is strictly a black-tie affair, a couple of kids will probably be in attendance for your big day. So to keep the little ones from wreaking havoc on your wedding, here are seven tips you can follow. [More]

Kids On Tour Musical Field Trips For School Children

Field trips provide an integral part of any good education and the experience of travelling with a musical purpose is no exception. This provides a unique opportunity to experience the music of other cultures and nations and also perform in settings that would otherwise not be accessible to schools. [More]