Springing into Action with The Apollos...

Spring has finally arrived, and with it a lot of incredible gigs all around Scotland. [More]

The 7 trendiest wedding themes of 2014

Choosing a wedding theme is a huge decision. It’s the one day of your life that gives you complete creative control; therefore, it should represent your personality and tastes as closely as possible. If you’re looking for some inspiration, these 8 wedding themes may help. [More]

5 Wedding Songs to Geek Out Over

A geeky couple looking for some unique songs to play at their wedding should definitely put these five songs on their playlist. [More]

An Indie/Alternative Soundtrack for Your Wedding

Songs such as “We’ve Only Just Begun” and “Endless Love” have easily become wedding soundtrack staples, but what if you and your beau were not into such sentimental musings? Fans of alternative, or indie pop, and rock music can rejoice because there is a wide range of songs and tunes that can be used to infuse life and more color to a wedding. Below are samples from a number of artists (under indie and mainstream labels, alike), who could spice up your soundtrack on your wedding day. These have been classified into two categories – one for the cheerier tracks and another for the more toned-down ones. [More]

How To Have A Classy, Rock-Themed Wedding

Just because it’s a rock music-themed wedding doesn’t mean it has to be wild-looking, because there is an aspect of rock music culture that has a sense of class. Think Freddie Mercury of Queen or the slick suits of ska musicians. Think of punk groups like the Buzzcocks in working class-style suit jackets and street attitude. Another source of inspiration would be steampunk culture, with its emphasis on vintage 18th century fashion merged with speculative technological advancements. Glam fashion and leather wear can also be integrated into your rock wedding theme, reminiscent of David Bowie’s aesthetics and 80’s glam rock. New Wave bands and mod fashion exude a kind of rebellious classiness that values stylish clothing and art-cool sensibilities. [More]