Summer Fever with The Apollos

Hi guys! Here's another update about what we've been up to this year. [More]

Springing into Action with The Apollos...

Spring has finally arrived, and with it a lot of incredible gigs all around Scotland. [More]

Gigging down in Lincoln

First of all Happy New Year Everyone! So the Sleekit Beasties had quite an incredible 2015. It was filled with many gigs, lots of opportunities to meet with you all and of course lots of ceilidhing. On a side note, the Sleekit Beasties are fairly confident that 'ceilidhing' is not technically a word, but we're deciding to use it anyway! At the end of last year (somewhere in those middle days between [More]

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Sleekit Beasties!

On behalf of the Sleekit Beasties, we're wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here's a little something for you all, hope you enjoy - [More]

Pick Our New Songs, Travelling, The Jets Duo, and more!

A new blog post from The Jets! [More]

Highland Gig + Skimming Stones

Recently did a lovely wee gig in Victoria Hall, Cromarty, in the Highlands. It was a beautiful venue, and a wonderful night - nice big space for Ceilidh Dancing too! We packed up our gear and stayed the night. We then (don't ask my why) got up ridiculously early the next day, before breakfast was even being served. So we took it upon ourselves to do something cool with that extra time - It's also nice to [More]

SUPERHOUSE Summer Update

SUPERHOUSE Summer Update Hello one and all and welcome to another blog. We hope everyone has had a [More]

Loch Lomond and Cheesecake??

Now as a band, we get to play in some pretty spectacular places. For some reason though, playing right beside Loch Lomond always gets us (we've done that a few times this year). It's just the most incredible view - (Just to say that 1. Yes that is Matt out there standing dangerously close to all that water and 2. I don't think Andy was quite ready for this photo. Just ignore the band members here [More]

Yes, we do play in Barns...

Now we've played some interesting venues in our time (everywhere from castles to houses) but this one was particularly interesting. This one was us playing in a gigantic barn, on a farm, about an hour and a half south-west of Dumfries. This barn was huge! We were able to drive our cars straight into it, past the bouncy castle, through the hay bales, beside the tables and to the stage. The stage itself [More]

The sun always shines on The Strides

What an amazing summer so far!!!We've been to Inverness, Aberdeen, Glenrothes, Glasgow, Edinburgh, A [More]