Killing time at Dumfries House

Occasionally weddings run behind, there are obviously so many things trying to happen in (hopefully) perfect synchronisation that sometimes things run behind. When this does happen at weddings other bands probably tune their guitars, change their drum skins and do some vocal warm-ups. However, the Sleekit Beasties are no normal ceilidh band. Firstly, we tried to see if we could all fit in the front of [More]

Yes, we do play in Barns...

Now we've played some interesting venues in our time (everywhere from castles to houses) but this one was particularly interesting. This one was us playing in a gigantic barn, on a farm, about an hour and a half south-west of Dumfries. This barn was huge! We were able to drive our cars straight into it, past the bouncy castle, through the hay bales, beside the tables and to the stage. The stage itself [More]