Sleekit VLOGGING Beasties!

Yes that's correct ladies and gentlemen, the Sleekit Beasties have begun vlogging some of our adventures. We're not quite at the stage of daily vlogging just yet (more like thrice quarterly vlogging...) but at least that's better than nothing! One of our recent gigs was at the "Ptarmigan Restaurant", which was literally at the top of a mountain in the Cairngorns. This was also our only [More]

Angels and First Dances

We had an incredible time at last night's wedding, people were up dancing the whole night we didn't have to resort to our quick wit and humour to get them up! It was one of those weddings where even though we had to stop playing (something about noise restrictions and disturbing the peace) they kept on singing, and they kept on dancing: Also, a fun fact for you all, yesterday's first dance was [More]

(Iron) Man + Wife

Maybe you don't know this (seeing as you're not a sleekit beastie) but The Sleekit Beasties like to play a game whenever we see each other. Basically, we all try and make Sam laugh as much as humanly possibly - especially at inappropriate moments. We would encourage you all to start playing this game too. There was also some fairly cool cake decorations at yesterday's wedding. We're afraid the [More]

Killing time at Dumfries House

Occasionally weddings run behind, there are obviously so many things trying to happen in (hopefully) perfect synchronisation that sometimes things run behind. When this does happen at weddings other bands probably tune their guitars, change their drum skins and do some vocal warm-ups. However, the Sleekit Beasties are no normal ceilidh band. Firstly, we tried to see if we could all fit in the front of [More]

Springing into Action with The Apollos...

Spring has finally arrived, and with it a lot of incredible gigs all around Scotland. [More]

Highland Gig + Skimming Stones

Recently did a lovely wee gig in Victoria Hall, Cromarty, in the Highlands. It was a beautiful venue, and a wonderful night - nice big space for Ceilidh Dancing too! We packed up our gear and stayed the night. We then (don't ask my why) got up ridiculously early the next day, before breakfast was even being served. So we took it upon ourselves to do something cool with that extra time - It's also nice to [More]

Yes, we do play in Barns...

Now we've played some interesting venues in our time (everywhere from castles to houses) but this one was particularly interesting. This one was us playing in a gigantic barn, on a farm, about an hour and a half south-west of Dumfries. This barn was huge! We were able to drive our cars straight into it, past the bouncy castle, through the hay bales, beside the tables and to the stage. The stage itself [More]