10 food and drink menu ideas for budget weddings

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Our top tips for sourcing wedding suppliers

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time. There’s a lot to think about – items you need to buy, suppliers you need to book – and a fair bit of expense. The fear that you can’t repeat the day if something goes wrong amplifies this stress and you may feel under pressure to get things right and make your wedding day perfect in every way. There’s no need to panic. There’s a multitude of professionals waiting to make your day special, and by looking around for the best, and the best value, you can find good people able to make your day go perfectly. [More]

How To Find a Wedding Band in Scotland

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DJ or Band: Which is the Best Choice for Your Wedding?

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Creating the right atmosphere at your evening wedding reception

An evening wedding reception, whether your main reception or as an extra to a more formal daytime reception is a fantastic excuse to party! It will (hopefully) be the only wedding evening party you have so you will want to make the most of it. Your wedding, and subsequent reception and party are all about you. They should reflect your personality, and make it a night to remember for yourself, and for your guests. [More]

The 7 trendiest wedding themes of 2014

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5 Wedding Songs to Geek Out Over

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10 Important Symbols of Unity in Every Wedding You Must Have

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Live Happily Ever After: Tips For Newly Weds

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Seven Ways to Properly Handle Kids in Your Wedding

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