That's the cauld weather coming noo!

Kickback Blog Update [More]

Kickback Summer Update

What a summer, we've been out every weekend since early this year, and there's been some awesom [More]

An idea of some of what we've been up to...

Hello all! It's been all go for us the last few months and no sign of stopping until next year! So [More]

Neil's Wedding

Congratulations to our drummer Neil and his Wife Rachel who recently tied the knot, what a great day [More]

Kickback February Blog

Thanks to everybody that came down the Music For Scotland Showcase at the Classic Grand on the 2nd F [More]

Kickback Kick Back

What a year 2015 was, definitely Kickback’s busiest yet! So many amazing nights, and some of the bes [More]

Shut Up and Dance!

Hello all! Kickback have been busy bees the last couple of months, it’s truly been a blur of white [More]

Kickback Update!

Definately turning into Kickbacks busiest year, and some of the testimonials we’ve been getting are [More]

Tis the Season #Kickback

Tis the season Well the wedding season has well and truly kicked off for Kickback, and already had [More]

Kickback February Blog

No matter how much you try to argue, or unfortunate it may be, we all know in which decade, the best [More]