What Guests Secretly Want from Your Glasgow Wedding

Wedding planning can be very stressful, but here’s a secret: some of the things you’ve been constantly worrying about might not be completely necessary. Here’s what your guests secretly want from your Glasgow wedding.

Transportation options

The good thing about holding your wedding in Glasgow is that the city has an extensive transportation system, which means your guests should have no problem moving around. To be sure, though, provide clear instructions and directions, as well as the best transportation options to your wedding venue.

Clear dress code

Avoid vague dress codes such as “Hollywood glam”, or “Garden chic”. You’ll have plenty of guests shaking their heads trying to figure out exactly what you mean.

A short wedding ceremony

Unless you’re having a religion-based wedding, opt to have your wedding ceremony shortened while retaining the sweetness of the occasion. That way, you can all move on to the next agenda of the day: the wedding celebrations.

No set-up attempts

Not all guests, especially the single ones, enjoy being targeted by Cupid. Just keep your wedding about you and your partner.


During the time you’ll be taking your wedding photos, your guests will be looking for something to do. Be sure not to leave them just standing around and book wedding entertainment and wedding music in advance.

Need help with the wedding music?

With a wide selection of talented musicians from Glasgow, you’ll be hard pressed to find better help for your wedding entertainment needs. Contact Music for Scotland today for awesome deals.