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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we're asked most regularly. If your query isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Why book with Music for Scotland?

Only the most reliable, experienced and professional acts are featured on our site. All acts have been hand-picked and fully vetted by our team to ensure you get only the very best entertainment . We’ve provided live entertainent for countless functions, student balls, black tie Events, birthdays, weddings and corporate functions.

How do I confirm a booking and pay?

Once you've decided on an act, we'll draw up a booking contract between you and the act to be signed and returned to us. A small deposit payable by cheque will secure the act for your event, and the remaining balance is then payable in cash to the act on the day.

What is included in the quoted price?

The price we quote for an act is inclusive of all extra costs including travel ,unless stated otherwise.

Is it possible to see an act before I book?

We cannot always guarantee access see acts perform live before hiring them. This is because the majority of the events that our bands and musicians perform at are private weddings, student and corporate events with no public access. Wherever public events or showcases do become available we will of course do our best to keep you informed.

What happens if an act can't make it on the day?

In the very unlikely event that a band member is taken ill or is unable to attend on the day, the band in question would usually find a 'dep' musician to take the place of the missing band member. If a solo artist or entire band is unable to attend, we will do our best to find a suitable replacement act. Rest assured that any replacement act provided by music for Scotland will be 100% reliable, experienced and professional.

How much space does a band need and what are their power requirements?

A designated performance space of approximately 14ft wide x 10ft deep (4m x 3m) is sufficient for most 4/5-piece bands sizes.. A raised stage can greatly enhance the impact that a band will make, but this is not essential. Bands and DJs would also need a safe power supply (two standard double power sockets, preferably one either side of the stage).

Will the band need a sound-check?

Most bands would need 45 minutes to set-up and do a quick sound-check. If you require them to be discreet let us know and we'll make sure they make this as brief and non-intrusive as possible. You can specify when you'd like the band to set up and sound-check on the booking contract. This can take place at any time after 6pm for evening events. If you require the band to set-up prior to 6pm a small hourly charge for the extra time on-site may apply for this.

Is it possible to customise a band’s repertoire?

Most of our bands will be happy for you to select your favourite songs from their repertoire list, and veto any songs you'd rather not hear. That said, we usually find it's best to let the band compile their own song-list for the night using your own basic guidelines as they will need to take account of dynamics, set pacing and segues between songs. The band may also need to make adjustments to the set order/song selection during the performance itself, depending on audience reaction.

Will the band learn a special song which isn't already on their repertoire list?

Most of our bands will be happy to learn a special song (eg. for your first dance). If extra rehearsal time is required they may have to charge a small fee to cover this expense.

How loud will the band be?

Bands will be happy to work within the limits of a sound limiter set at approx 93db or higher. Ideally bands would prefer these to be switched off during the performance as the power cut-off systems employed by most limiters are easily tripped by applause and can cause damage to band equipment.

Will I need to feed my act?

Acts booked for evening events will require refreshments (food and drink) at some point during the evening. A buffet-type meal would usually be sufficient. If your venue can't provide food, let us know and alternative arrangements can be made.

I'm booking a band, will I also need a DJ?

All our bands can play music via CD/ipod through their PA systems during intervals and there is no extra charge for this, but do not underestimate the impact a great DJ can make. See DJs!