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Wedding Music

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Choosing the right music for weddings isn’t easy. Nothing but the perfect wedding music is good enough for the best day of your life. Let us help you choose the right musical accompaniment for your wedding day.

From the start of your day to your evening celebration, your own carefully chosen wedding music can make the day run like clockwork. A peaceful atmosphere of calmness and serenity can fill the morning, then fun and celebration after the ceremony.

Our tailored wedding music packages are the perfect accompaniment to the events of the day. Whether you want to fill the air with rousing horns, heavenly strings, upbeat jazz or pop music at an appropriate time, we can provide a package of performers and styles to enhance your ideas.

Our suggestions section will get you started, but please contact us if you need any assistance or even ideas.

The Wedding Breakfast

Classical or jazz musicians can bring peace and tranquility to the beginning of your day and also take part in the ceremony and drinks reception afterwards. Why not begin the special day with some well chosen classical pieces or jazz standards.

Recommended Styles: classical, jazz & blues

The Wedding Ceremony

Music can form an integral part of the ceremony in many ways. A highland piper is a popular way of announcing your arrival to the ceremony. The hymns can be led by a classical vocalist or accentuated by the presence of powerful brass, woodwind or string accompaniment. The ceremony itself can be all the more poignant when accompanied by a string quartet or classical harpist.

Recommended Artists: classical, pipers

The Drinks Reception

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The lively post-ceremony atmosphere of champagne and cocktails can be enhanced by upbeat solo jazz piano or a small group of classical or jazz performers. This will put your guests in the mood for the evening ahead and allow them to chat over how much they enjoyed the ceremony - without drowning out anyone’s conversation.

Recommended Artists: jazz & blues, classical

The Evening Reception

The main event of the evening is the time when everybody can relax and celebrate with friends and family and what better way to do so than with fantastic live entertainment. Choose from our roster of wedding bands and quality entertainers to make sure your night is one to remember. Music for weddings is very personal. Need help choosing the right song for the wedding first dance? Contact us for some ideas on wedding songs and popular tracks often performed by our wedding bands.

Recommended Artists: rock and pop, folk and ceildh, jazz & blues, specialist & tribute