Best Wedding Suppliers in Edinburgh

Are you planning your dream wedding in the stunning city of Edinburgh? Look no further than our curated selection of the best wedding suppliers in Edinburgh who are dedicated to turning your wedding dreams into reality and make your special day truly unforgettable. From expert florists to talented photographers and exquisite caterers, we've got you covered with the finest wedding services the city has to offer.

Our featured wedding suppliers in Edinburgh are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and personalised approach. Whether you envision a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, these suppliers specialise in creating bespoke experiences that reflect your unique love story.

When it comes to capturing the timeless moments of your special day, choosing the right wedding photographer is paramount. In Edinburgh, you'll find a plethora of talented photographers who specialize in various styles, from classic and elegant to modern and artistic. 

Some of our favourites are:

Claire Fleck Photography

Claire Fleck is a professional photographer based in Edinburgh, specializing in natural wedding photography. her work focuses on capturing the genuine emotions and unique moments of wedding, reflecting the essence of the couples and their special day. Claire's style is known for its authenticity and ability to tell a compelling visual story of love and celebration. 

Ricky Baillie

Ricky Baillie is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, highly esteemed for his luxury and acclaimed photography. having been ranked number 1 in Scotland in 2019-2020, Ricky Baillie is recognized for his exceptional skill in capturing timeless and elegant wedding moments. his portfolio showcases a blend of artistry, sophistication, and a keen eye for detail, making him a sought-after choice for couples seeking remarkable wedding photography.

Of course, another highly significant aspect but also quite exciting is the cake. Our list of carefully selected cake suppliers will make the process of choosing easier:

Yu Cakes & Bakes:

Yu Cakes & Bakes is a luxury wedding and celebration cake business located in Edinburgh, Scotland. Denise, the founder, specializes in creating exquisite, custom-designed wedding cakes that reflect elegance and craftsmanship. The business is renowned for its attention to detail and the ability to bring couples' unique visions to life through beautifully crafted, bespoke cakes. 

 Liggy's Cakes:

Liggy's Cakes is known for handcrafting bespoke wedding cakes in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Their cakes are made to order, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Liggy's Cakes prides itself on offering a diverse selection of cakes, ensuring there's something to suit every couple's distinct tastes and requirements. 

Every bride’s favourite part of planning a wedding would definitely be the wedding dress! But of course, choosing one when there are so many options can be tricky. Below we have curated a list of some of our favourite bridal wear suppliers!

Emma Roy of Edinburgh

Emma Roy is one of Scotland's largest bridal boutiques, located in the centre of Edinburgh. They offer over 400 gowns from renowned designers, providing a wide selection for brides to choose from. With a focus on premier bridal fashion, Emma Roy caters to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring that every bride can find her dream gown at their boutique. 


Kavelle is a leading designer wedding dress shop in Edinburgh, offering the dress of your dreams designed and handmade or chosen from their stunning selection. Their emphasis on bespoke creations and handcrafted designs reflects their commitment to providing brides with truly unique and personalized bridal attire.

Next up, (we know that) choosing the right wedding band is an essential decision in the wedding planning process, as it holds significant symbolic and aesthetic value. Some of the best wedding bands in Edinburgh that we are also delighted to be working with are:


Porkpie is the most energetic wedding band in Edinburgh. They are an 8-piece band featuring a male vocalist, keyboards, bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, and a three-piece horn section (trombone, saxophone, trumpet). They have earned a prestigious reputation as one of the foremost big bands, gracing renowned international venues and participating in esteemed events such as international award ceremonies, global corporate functions, high-profile celebrity gatherings, and unforgettable weddings. Porkpie effortlessly adapt to any setting, whether it's a corporate event hosting 2000 guests or an intimate wedding celebration with fewer than 100 attendees. They offer an unparalleled live experience characterized by musical talent, and captivating presentation. 


Juniper stands as the benchmark for ceilidh cover bands in Scotland. Their diverse repertoire spans across decades, infusing a contemporary and lively twist into traditional Scottish music, promising to elevate your event to new heights. They boast an extensive and continually growing repertoire, encompassing classic tunes from the 1950s to the latest chart-toppers. Their high-energy performance showcases remarkable musicianship, promising to captivate guests and sustain a lively party atmosphere all through the night!


Choosing the right venue for your wedding in Edinburgh is paramount as it sets the stage for the entire celebration. The right venue can enhance the overall guest experience, ensuring everyone feels welcomed and immersed in the magic of the occasion. From stunning photo opportunities to seamless event flow, the choice of venue profoundly influences the wedding experience, making it a decision of great significance. Our list of the best wedding venue suppliers in Edinburgh will help you out!

Edinburgh Castle:

Edinburgh Castle offers a fairytale setting for weddings and has been named one of the world's best wedding venues (could change that to the best wedding venues in Edinburgh to link it), receiving several accolades and undergoing a multimillion-pound refurbishment. The castle provides stunning venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions, creating an enchanting backdrop for couples looking to celebrate their special day in grandeur and elegance. Additionally, the castle is set to increase its capacity to accommodate 50 guests once the refurbishment is completed.


This unique wedding venue in Edinburgh provides a distinctive and stylish setting for weddings. Nestled in a former warehouse, Timberyard offers a blend of industrial charm and contemporary design, making it an appealing choice for couples seeking a trendy and sophisticated wedding venue. The venue's adaptable spaces and innovative approach to dining and events provide couples with the opportunity to create a personalised and memorable wedding experience.

We understand that navigating the multitude of wedding suppliers in Edinburgh can undoubtedly feel overwhelming. however, our carefully curated selection aimed to simplify this process for you. Ultimately, the suppliers you choose should authentically reflect your unique love story. With these exceptional choices, your wedding day is poised to be an unforgettable and cherished occasion for both you and your beloved guests!