Top Wedding Bands in Edinburgh

It is a fact that Edinburgh’s music scene has been expanding, which can make it difficult to find your personal favourite wedding band in Edinburgh. From rock to pop and even ceilidh, Edinburgh’s wedding music scene is so rich that there is a wedding band for everyone! Below, we have curated a diverse list of the finest (or top) wedding bands in Edinburgh.

Starting on this list we have The Jammy Devils, a rock and pop band who play a diverse and exciting range of classic hits. The Jammy Devils can cater their music to suit the wants and needs of your guests! Definitely an amazing pick if you want a rock twist to your wedding with a band that can adjust.

Next on the list, The Stylists comprise a vibrant 6-piece live band, fronted by outstanding male and female vocalists, guaranteeing an unforgettable atmosphere for your wedding day. The Stylists curate a diverse repertoire that promises to bring the wow-factor to your special day. They surely are a go-to choice!

If you would like to implement a traditional feel to your wedding our ceilidh bands will impress you! Giant, a band with exceptional talent and great on-stage chemistry, infuses every event with an irresistible energy. If you don’t want your wedding to be all about ceilidh but want some modern covers as well, Grooveline should be your pick. If you are looking for ThE ceilidh and covers band, The Sleekit Beasties are the one. A 4-piece ensemble showcasing captivating male vocals, with a modern twist, it really is the best of both worlds.

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