Looking for Wedding Suppliers in Scotland?

Our bands are lucky enough to work alongside some of the best wedding suppliers Scotland has to offer - from florists to makeup artists, photograhers to wedding cake makers we've come across some staggering talent in the industry so we decided not to keep our vast knowledge and experience to oursleves. This wedding supplier directory is updated regularly with people and companies who will make your wedding day spectacular. Not only are they great at what they do, they're wonderful to work with and their experience will make sure that you're completely at ease and every detail of your day is just so.

Looking for Scottish Wedding Venues inspiration? We have a page for that too! We've been all over the country (and beyond) so we've seen some spectacular wedding venues which we're more than happy to share with happy couples looking for ideas on where to visit. happy browsing.

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Ewan Mathers Photographer 

(Scotland-Wide Travel) 

Your wedding will be unforgettable, beautiful and one of a kind - naturally. So the photographs you have taken on your big day, should also be natural and candid. You don’t want to have clunky equipment cluttering up your wedding venue, or a very obvious camera in your face the whole day. That’s where Ewan Mathers comes in. Ewan’s style is all about being as unobtrusive and natural as possible. he captures the personalities not the facades and the results show real soul in every picture.

If being the centre of attention makes you feel uncomfortable, then Ewan is the photographer for you. he will put you at ease and work the process of having your wedding pictures taken seamlessly into the day, making sure you’re relaxed throughout. Sound like something that would appeal to you? Get in touch and have a look at his photographs online

Chronicle Photography 

(Scotland-wide Travel)

Looking for a wedding photographer in Scotland and Northern England who will be as happy about photographing your wedding as you are to be getting married? Look no further than Darren at Chronicle photography. Never without a smile on his face, Darren knows how special your big day is to you and his photos capture the magic in an unobtrusive, natural way.

his photographs are candid, full of joy and the subjects all look completely at ease (a difficult thing to achieve with a camera pointed at them). Darren has a true passion for his work and clearly loves every minute. If you want a photographer who can capture all of the little details to give you that unforgettable big picture of your big day, Chronicle Photography should definitely be on your list. have a wee look through his photos and read his client reviews if you need any more convincing.

Ashley-Liv Jamieson Photography

 125 Great Jct St, Edinburgh Eh6 5BJ

Ashley-Liv has been photographing weddings for over 10 years and - over that time span - has perfected the art of capturing the raw emotion she encounters on a wedding day. her photographs capture YOU - your style, your relationship and your personalities so that the end result will be a unique representation of how you chose to celebrate your love on your big day.

Going through her portfolio you feel emotional just looking at the photographs of the bride and groom on the happiest day of their lives - despite the fact that you’ve never met them!

Ashley’s photographs are intimate and endearing, energetic and fun, artful and elegant. One thing is for certain - with the level of emotional investment Ashley puts into each wedding, you’re guaranteed to make a new family friend.

Blue Sky Photography

90 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, Eh10 4BY

You know that feeling, when you get emotional watching a couple you’ve never met - or even seen before - get married? No? Well, that’s the power of Blue Sky Photography. Looking through their stunning wedding portfolio, we found ourselves welling up on more than one occasion, entirely due to the skill with which they manage to capture the emotion on the faces of the bride, groom, parents and guests.

Their images are stunning, natural and really tap into the most crucial, emotive, elements of the day – that, which is fleeting but which you want to remember for the rest of your life. Blue Sky Photography will absolutely help transport you back to your big day, every time you look at your wedding album. Fall in love with these guys by going through their blog – you will see what we mean.

Grand Gesture Wedding Films  

27 Gillespie Road, Edinburgh, Eh13 0NW

Grand Gesture Wedding Films are a multi award winning wedding film supplier who have helped hundreds of couples capture the special moments of their big day, across the UK as well as internationally. With 5 VOWS awards to their name (from 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019!) these guys know the wedding business inside out.

Priding themselves on their discreteness, you can rest assured that the end result will be stunning and effortlessly spontaneous, all without you being aware of there being a camera anywhere in the vicinity.

Because weddings are universally acknowledged to be a bit of an assault on your senses, with overwhelming emotions and impressions being a given, you’re likely to miss some of the finer details – with Grand Gesture Wedding Films, that won’t be the case. The videos they create manage to capture the fun, atmosphere and guest reactions on the day as well as chronicle your loved ones in a way that will provide a lifetime memory that may become priceless. 

With a number of packages to suit each couple’s unique requirements, Grand Gesture Wedding Films should definitely be on your planning radar.

The Country Garden Company 

Russell Mains house, Russell Mains, Cupar, Fife, KY155QT

Looking to decorate your wedding with home-grown blooms? The Country Garden Company are based in Fife and grow their own stunning and varied selection of flowers, herbs and foliage, with each couple getting a bespoke service and design for their big day.  

The Country Garden Company is focused on being eco-friendly and sustainable, with all of the arrangements locally grown and seasonal which adds a beautifully authentic style to your big day. They’ll also provide you with furniture, arches and other wedding props if required, taking away that unnecessary stress of finding another supplier for those all-important accents. If you’re looking to style your wedding in a romantic, guilt-free and authentically Scottish way, get in touch with Amanda, who will advise and guide you on how to achieve your vision.

Eleven Six Films 

Glasgow, Scotland, The UK and Beyond

It’s difficult to find one word to describe these film makers but, if pressed, we’d have to say – cool. Painfully so. If you’re after an alternative videographer who are fun, creative and edgy, you’ve found them.

Eleven Six will capture and present your day in a completely unique way and, more importantly, do it all in a ninja-like way – you won’t know they’re there! Fair warning though - these guys are so much fun, you’ll want them to join your wedding guests just to keep the energy levels up!

If you’re a chilled out couple who want a bit of silliness and adventure on their big day – and above all want to have a massive smile on your face when you’re watching your wedding video back - you’ll need Eleven Six at your wedding. Trust us.

Kirsty Macpherson hair and Makeup 

(Scotland Wide Travel)

This award winning hair and makeup artist has 5 star reviews from her clients and no wonder. It was lovely to work alongside Kirsty and the bride looked amazing and completely at ease. If you’re looking for someone to make you look even better than you imagined and make you feel completely comfortable whilst doing it, Kirsty comes highly recommended and will travel to wherever the bridal party requires.

Not only is Kirsty talented at what she does, she truly loves her job. If you want Kirsty Macherson hair and Makeup to work her magic on you, you can find her on Facebook (@Kirstymacmua28) and Instagram (@kmacblyth).