10 Jan 2015 Goldstar

2015, The year of Goldstar.


Did you have a good holiday season? Because we did. We were at the Balmoral and Prestonfield house hotel rocking some Christmas party's. We had our last wedding of the year on the 27th. Despite being two days after Christmas, everyone was still going strong and in the party mood! 
We had a great 2014 and would like to say thanks to all our brides and grooms for choosing us for their special day. 
For all those who are following in their footsteps and choosing us for their event, first off welldone on your excellent taste in bands! Make sure you get your first dance requests in at least two months before the big day so we can get them learned and perfected. We look forward to seeing you all soon! 
If you're considering us why not come see us live? We will be playing:
Showcase on the 3rd of Feb at  Classic Grande, Glasgow.
Showcase on the 3rd of March at the Voodoo rooms, Edinburgh.
Full set from 10- late on the 12th of March at Finnegan's Wake, Edinburgh.
Feel free to come along, see what we can do and chat to us. 
If you want to get in touch please do. 
All enquiries about price need to go through music for Scotland so just send them an email for a quote.
If you have questions about availability, first dances, logistics etc. You can also contact us by sending us message on our Facebook. 
It's a new year and the Goldstar gang are drying out, slimming down and resting our vocal chords ready for a Full on 2015. There will be new songs, new looks, and new weddings and party's to rock! Watch this space. 

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