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The Best Wedding Bands in Ayrshire: A Music For Scotland Guide

21 Jun 2024 Admin
Music For Scotland has a host of Ayrshire wedding bands, perfect for your big day. Use our guide to find the right band for you!
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How To Book a Scottish Wedding Band

03 May 2024 Admin
Planning a wedding can be a stressful and time-consuming project. There’s the venue, the guest list, the catering, the flowers, the travel, and, of course, the wedding band. That’s why, here at Music For Scotland, we strive to make the wedding band booking process as easy (and enjoyable) as possible! Read more...
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What is a Ceilidh Band?

29 Apr 2024 Admin
Here at Music for Scotland, many of our bands offer up to an hour of Ceilidh music as part of their services - but what is a Ceilidh band and why are they so sought after? Read on to find out!
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Discover the Best Wedding Bands in Aberdeen

29 Feb 2024 Admin
Known for its historic architecture, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, Aberdeen offers an idyllic backdrop for your special day. But finding a venue isn't the only thing that helps to set the tone of your special day!
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Best Wedding Bands in Edinburgh

11 Feb 2024 Admin
If you're planning a wedding in Edinburgh and are in search of the perfect band, you're in the right place!
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How Much Does a Wedding Band In Glasgow Cost?

07 Feb 2024 Admin
When planning a wedding, one important aspect that couples need to consider is live music as this...
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Top Outdoor Wedding Venues in Aberdeen 2024

24 Jan 2024 Admin
With its sweeping beaches and panoramic skies, coastal cliffs, and rolling hills, Aberdeen has plenty of room for outdoor weddings. Read on to check out some of its beautiful outdoor wedding venues in 2024
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How Much Does a Wedding Band in Edinburgh Cost?

17 Jan 2024 Admin
Discover the average cost of hiring a live wedding band in Edinburgh and how to make your special day unforgettable without breaking the bank. Let us help you plan the perfect wedding!
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10 Reasons Why Music is Important for Your Wedding

24 Nov 2023 Admin
Choosing to have a live wedding band and finding the right one can make or break your wedding. Don't believe us? Read on to find out why live wedding bands are a crucial element of your big day.
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The Best Wedding Bands Scotland Has To Offer - 2024-2025

22 Nov 2023 Admin
Music For Scotland presents the top 10 of the best wedding bands for hire in Scotland - diaries now open for 2024-2025
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Discover the Perfect First Dance Song: A Comprehensive List by Wedding Theme

11 Nov 2023 Admin
Looking for your perfect wedding first dance song? We have the ultimate list of the top 100 first dance songs of all time, by wedding theme! Find your perfect first dance song here.
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10 of The Best Small Wedding Venues Glasgow and Ayrshire 2023 / 2024

06 Nov 2023 Admin
Discover Glasgow's Top Small Wedding Venues for an Intimate Celebration in 2023-2024
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Aberdeen Wedding Venues Fit For a Fairytale

01 Nov 2022 Admin
Castle venues near Aberdeen for your fairy tale wedding
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Wedding Venues Scotland 2023

21 Apr 2022 Admin
Get inspired for your wedding planning with these spectacular wedding venues for 2023/2024 in Scotland
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Essential Wedding Planning Checklist 2022

25 Jan 2022 Admin
Read all about how wedding planning has changed in 2022 and the critical considerations you must include in your wedding checklist
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Getting Married During Covid-19

26 Oct 2021 Admin
Should you get married in a Pandemic? Read our latest blog to find out what it's like getting married during Covid-19
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Finding Wedding Entertainment In Scotland

15 Jun 2021 Admin
Your one-stop-shop guide to finding the best wedding entertainment in Scotland for your big day.
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How to Hire a Band in Scotland

28 Apr 2021 Admin
Looking for a live wedding band in Scotland but don't know where to start? Music For Scotland are here to help.
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Scottish Weddings and Covid-19 - How to Deal With Your Wedding Being Postponed

21 Apr 2020 Admin
How to deal with the emotional upheaval of a wedding postponement
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Why your Wedding Band is the most important part of your Wedding Day

15 Mar 2019 Admin
How your wedding band will help you make unforgettable memories
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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Venues in Scotland

28 Mar 2018 Admin
Are you looking for the best wedding venues in Scotland? Well in our latest post we will show you the best wedding locations Scotland has to offer.
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Intimate Wedding Venues in Dundee

30 Nov 2017 Admin
Dundee is one of Scotland’s most loved cities, so if you’re planning to have your intimate wedding in this amazing city, then you’ve got great taste! Still haven’t found a venue? Read on.
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Outdoor Activities for your Aberdeen Wedding

15 Nov 2017 Admin
Outdoor weddings can be great fun, especially if you’ve prepared special activities that all your guests can enjoy. Here are some great out-in-the-open activities that you can entertain your guests with at your outdoor Aberdeen wedding.
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Castle Venues for Your Fairytale Fife Wedding

15 Sep 2017 Admin
A wedding in a castle can make you feel like royalty on your big day. If you’ve always dreamed of saying “I do” in a romantic fairytale location, then we’ve got some castle options for you to choose from for your Fife wedding.
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Entertainment Ideas for Your Aberdeen Wedding

31 Aug 2017 Admin
If you’re planning to get hitched in Aberdeen, entertainment shouldn’t be a problem. Here are some ideas for entertainment that you can tap into for your big day in Aberdeen.
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Uncommon Outdoor Wedding Venues in Edinburgh

24 Aug 2017 Admin
Edinburgh might have a castle as its most iconic landmark, but it also has plenty to offer for those looking for more uncommon outdoor wedding venues.
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Where to Have an Intimate Wedding in Aberdeen

30 May 2017 Admin
The third most populated city in Scotland, Aberdeen offers plenty of space for both locals and visitors to relax, breathe, and explore. It’s a great place to get married in, too. So if you’re planning to have a small wedding in Aberdeen, check out these intimate venues.
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Ideas for a Summer Wedding in Edinburgh

19 May 2017 Admin
The Scottish capital is also a great place for wedding ceremonies. If you’re planning a summer wedding in Edinburgh, here are some ideas you may want to consider.
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Planning Your Dundee Wedding

30 Apr 2017 Admin
You can get married just about anywhere in Dundee, but there’s a lot more to prepare than just the wedding venue. Here’s what you should attend to early on.
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Intimate Wedding Venues in Edinburgh

30 Mar 2017 Admin
Check out some of the amazing venues in Edinburgh that can definitely make your vision of the perfect intimate wedding a reality.
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Wedding Ideas for a Fife Wedding in Spring

12 Mar 2017 Admin
Fife is a favorite destination for couples looking to get hitched in Scotland. And with spring coming up, here are some ideas that you can incorporate into your spring Fife wedding.
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How to Keep Kids Occupied at Your Dundee Wedding

01 Mar 2017 Admin
Aside from being a great wedding location, Dundee is also a kid-friendly city with activities that any child can enjoy. If your guests are bringing kids to your wedding in Scotland’s fourth-largest city, here are some tips to keep them occupied.
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Top 5 Outdoor Wedding Venues in Glasgow 2018 for Hire

13 Feb 2017 Admin
Are you looking for the perfect outdoor wedding location in Glasgow? In our latest blog post we showcase the best outdoor wedding venues throughout Glasgow…
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Gorgeous Wedding Venues in Fife

29 Jan 2017 Admin
Near enough to airports and other major modes of transportation, Fife is a perfect venue for those looking to have their weddings away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city yet still accessible enough for all guests to attend. If you still haven’t found your Fife wedding venue, here are a few gorgeous places you should definitely consider.
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Entertainment Ideas for an Edinburgh Wedding

16 Jan 2017 Admin
Whatever theme you might have for your Edinburgh wedding, you may want to consider these entertainment ideas.
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Best Wedding Songs of 2016

01 Jan 2017 Admin
The year 2016 has produced a lot of banging tracks that don’t just hit the charts, they hit the wedding halls too!
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Summer Wedding Venues in Aberdeen

18 Dec 2016 Admin
When you’re looking for the perfect Scottish venue for your summer wedding, look no further than Aberdeen. With its rolling hills and long coastline, there’s plenty of venue options for you to choose from across topographies – not to mention plenty of varied activities for your guests.
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Entertainment Ideas for an Outdoor Fife Wedding

30 Nov 2016 Admin
Home to some of Scotland’s most gorgeous beaches, the Kingdom of Fife is a perfect getaway for an outdoor wedding - relative to the season, of course. If you haven’t started on writing up entertainment ideas for your Fife wedding, check out these suggestions.
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3 Reasons to Get Married in Dundee

16 Nov 2016 Admin
Dundee is one of Scotland's most dynamic cities, and makes a perfect destination for your wedding celebration. Read on to find 3 reasons why.
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4 Reasons Why Edinburgh Should Be Your Wedding Destination of Choice

31 Oct 2016 Admin
As Scotland’s capital city and its second most populated, Edinburgh is a perfect destination for weddings. Here are four reasons why.
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Outdoor Wedding Venues in Dundee

30 Sep 2016 Admin
With so many beautiful places to choose from, it might be pretty difficult to pick out the perfect wedding venue for your Scottish nuptials. Here are some of the best outdoor wedding venues that you might want to check out for your Dundee wedding.
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3 Scottish Traditions For Your Aberdeen Wedding

21 Sep 2016 Admin
There’s a lot more to a Scottish wedding than just wearing a kilt! And in Aberdeen, they have fun and interesting wedding traditions that you might just want to include in your own wedding ceremony. Read on to find more.
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3 Outdoor Wedding Venues in Fife

30 Jul 2016 Admin
Scotland has gorgeous landscapes that can capture the heart of any bride-to-be. Read on to find great venues for an outdoor wedding celebration in Fife.
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The Best Time of the Year for a Dundee Wedding

15 Jul 2016 Admin
When you're planning to have your wedding in Scotland's fourth largest city, then try to plan it around May and September. These are typically the best times to visit Scotland, and Dundee is no exception.
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Castle Venues for Edinburgh Weddings

28 Jun 2016 Admin
Scotland is the perfect destination for a fairy tale wedding with its well-balanced mix of romance, tradition, and history. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect castle wedding venue, check out the ones in and around Edinburgh, including these 3 amazing castles.
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Aberdeen Weddings: What You Need to Know

20 Jun 2016 Admin
If you’re looking to tie the knot in Aberdeen, here are a few things you need to know. Read on to find out.
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3 Reasons to Have your Wedding in Fife

31 May 2016 Admin
Whether you were born and raised in Scotland, or simply would love to get married in this beautiful country, then you might want to take a look at what Fife has to offer.
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3 Reasons to Get Married in Aberdeen

30 Apr 2016 Admin
Aberdeen might not be at the top of your list of locations when thinking about where to hold a wedding in Scotland, but there are perfectly good reasons to choose it over more popular cities like Glasgow. Read on to learn three reasons to do so.
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Outdoor Venues for Weddings in Dundee

20 Apr 2016 Admin
Find some ideas from this list of 4 of the best outdoor venues in Dundee, Scotland where you can hold your dream springtime wedding.
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6 Reasons to Have Your Wedding in December

29 Nov 2015 Admin
A lot of couples opt to get married during the warmer months, but there’s just something so enchanting about having your wedding in winter. Not only will there be less of a competition for vendors, your wedding will naturally stand out simply by being held in a month when not a lot of other weddings take place.
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11 Possible Questions to Ask Your Wedding Band

31 Oct 2015 Admin
Ensure you get to know as much as you can about your prospective wedding band (and get your money’s worth of wedding entertainment) by asking them some of these questions.
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5 Entertainment Ideas for a Fall Wedding

20 Oct 2015 Admin
Weddings held in the fall can make full use of the stunning backdrop that nature provides, and there’s just enough light to make wedding photos come out just how you want it. Here are a few entertainment ideas that will surely be just right for a wedding in autumn.
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Winter Weddings: 6 Ways to Keep Guests Entertained

01 Oct 2015 Admin
If you plan to tie the knot during winter, here are a few ideas to keep the festivities up throughout the entire celebration.
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5 Things You Can Only Do in a Winter Wedding

23 Sep 2015 Admin
People usually opt to have their weddings during the summer or spring seasons. Winter? Not so much. But this is exactly one of the best reasons why you should hold yours during winter! Not only will you have fewer couples to go against with for the perfect venue, but you will actually get to save more.
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How to Have an Affordable Wedding Reception

02 Sep 2015 Admin
Planning a wedding is challenging enough, what more when you actually have to work around a budget?
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5 Reasons To Have Your Wedding in Autumn

14 Aug 2015 Admin
Couples typically choose to tie the knot in the summer (the June bride), or in the spring when the flowers are all in bloom. But just as there are a lot of good reasons to hold your wedding during these popular seasons, there are just as many reasons to choose getting hitched in the fall.
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How to Pull Off a Fun Wedding Reception

01 Aug 2015 Admin
Wedding receptions should be enjoyable not just for the guests, but most especially for the couple who just got hitched. After all the stressful planning sessions, this is the time to loosen up and enjoy the results of all those months of blood and tears.
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Wedding Music: Live or Pre-recorded?

24 Jul 2015 Admin
Wedding music planning is all just one big decision after another. Fortunately, you don’t have to agonise over whether you should have live wedding music or not - why not do both? Here’s how to go about using both live and pre-recorded music during your wedding day.
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6 Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

29 Jun 2015 Admin
Music can be easy to forget when one has to go through numerous fittings for wedding outfits, but it should definitely be on the priority list. Here are six wedding music mistakes you should NOT make.
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Should You Hire a Live Wedding Band?

21 Jun 2015 Admin
Undoubtedly, music is the rhythm of any celebration, including your wedding day. That is why it is very important to carefully think about it during the wedding planning process early on. Can’t decide on the right music maker? Here are some reasons why we think a live band should play the tunes on your special day.
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What to Do When You’re Nervous about Your First Dance

29 May 2015 Admin
Song and dance is an expression. Your first dance must express not only your individual personalities, it must express who you are as a couple.
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Music Ideas for Small and Intimate Weddings

22 May 2015 Admin
No matter how large or small your wedding is, it is always best to have some good old music playing.
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How to Build a Wedding Do-Not-Play List

30 Apr 2015 Admin
No two couples are the same, so there are no exact rules on what songs not to include. But if you’re looking for general tips to consider when building your wedding do not play list, read on.
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Wedding Music Planning for Engaged Couples

21 Apr 2015 Admin
Wedding music is an important aspect of your special day that should be planned and dealt with carefully. Here are a few tips to begin with.
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7 Money Saving Tips for Wedding Entertainment

30 Mar 2015 Admin
You don’t have to get rid of wedding entertainment on your planning checklist just to cut cost. Here are 7 ways to save money on wedding entertainment.
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What are Tribute Bands and Why Should I Book Them?

21 Mar 2015 Admin
Never had the chance to see your favorite artists perform live? Book a tribute band and experience the musical magic and glory of your favorite singers.
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Top 6 Entertainment Ideas for a Vintage-themed Party

26 Feb 2015 Admin
What entertainment elements does a vintage-themed party need? Whether for a wedding or a corporate gathering, here are great ideas to get you going.
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How to Pick Your Wedding Music

25 Jan 2015 Admin
One aspect that may be overlooked during the wedding planning phase is choosing the type of music used during the ceremony and afterwards at the reception. Here are a few tips on picking wedding music.
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4 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Band Happy at Your Event

24 Jan 2015 Admin
Aside from the cheque, of course, what other ways can you ensure your wedding band's satisfaction during your event? Read on to find out.
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Ways to Avoid Christmas Party Entertainment Mishaps

22 Dec 2014 Admin
Now that you’ve already booked the perfect band for your corporate Christmas party, how do you ensure your entertainment runs smoothly on the day of the party itself?
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Winter Wedding Entertainment: 6 Things to Remember

04 Dec 2014 Admin
If you think a blanket of snow is the most romantic setting for the day you say “I do,” then read on to learn a few things about winter wedding entertainment.
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Top 12 Wedding Entertainment Disasters (And How to Avoid Them)

09 Oct 2014 Admin
This Halloween season, there is nothing more frightening than having entertainment disasters on your wedding day. Read on to know the common wedding entertainment nightmares and how to avoid them.
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Everything You Need to Know When Booking Ceilidh Bands

16 Sep 2014 Admin
This article shares everything you need to know when booking ceilidh bands - from what they are, what they do, why you should book them, and how to book them for your next event.
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Why You Should Book Your Wedding Band Through a Music Agency

30 Aug 2014 Admin
Booking your wedding band through a music agency such as Music for Scotland has many advantages. Here are some of the few obvious reasons why you should book through us.
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Top Tips for Booking Your Wedding Band

13 Aug 2014 Admin
Finding the right band for your wedding can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re making it easier for you. At Music for Scotland, we don’t just provide the best wedding bands Scotland has to offer, but we also help you choose, book, and work with one. Follow this comprehensive wedding entertainment guide to make your day a huge success.
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