24 Jan 2015 Admin

4 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Band Happy at Your Event

Weddings are more meaningful with the right kind of music. Whether that “right kind” may be some soothing ballads or instrumental pieces, or something more hardcore like a rock number, music sets the tone and mood for any kind of celebration. While couples may settle for a pianist and a soloist to play during the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception is a different story. Music played during the reception should be lively, as party music ought to be. 

One great way of getting your guests pumped up during the celebratory meal and party after signing the wedding license is by hiring a wedding band. Hiring a wedding band means that there will be live music playing at the reception, and a reliable band would have been around long enough to have all the timing down, and have the ability to get guests out of their seats and on the dance floor. A good party has the potential to be an unforgettable night with the help of an awesome band. So if the choice is between recorded songs and a live band for the wedding of your dreams – and you have the budget to afford the latter – then, yes, it’s a definite go for the wedding band.

But how can you keep the wedding band happy the whole time they’re providing their services?

1. Provide food and drinks

Seeing the band members play their instruments and singing their songs up on stage while looking like they’re enjoying every minute of it doesn't necessary mean all is well in the world. No matter how short of a time you think they’re playing, it’s best to remember that there’s probably more behind the scenes that we can readily see while they perform. In reality, they may have needed to get ready as early as you have to prepare all the equipment, load them into their vehicle, and drive to the reception venue. Set up takes time, too, and let’s not forget how much energy it takes to keep playing and keep the crowd pumped up at the same time. 

So don’t ask if they would like something to eat – have food, water, and soft drinks ready for them to dig into and drink during breaks. Singing and performing on an empty stomach isn't much fun at all, and food and drinks would most definitely fuel the wedding band’s performance and keep them happy too entertain you and your guests throughout the party.

2. Provide ample space

The wedding band needs to set up their equipment before the guests start to arrive. They also need to do sound checks to ensure that their sounds work well and come out good. Ensure that they have ample space to do all these, as well as a bit more for them to move around. It won’t hurt to have them get their own personal changing space, either. However, if the venue really can’t provide any changing space for the band, ensure that the servers know where to point them to when asked where they can change their clothes so as not to inconvenience them of having to change in their vehicle.

3. Have a clearly defined space for the dance floor

Space is vital during a wedding reception, and there should be a clear border between the dance floor and the band’s playing space. This is not only to allow the band room to breathe, but rather, it is for the safety of everyone – band and guests – as well as the safety of the band’s equipment during the performance. Having a clearly defined space for the dance floor and the band area also ensures that the band will be able to play on as normal throughout their sets even if everyone on dance floor may be jumping up and down. A stage is not always necessary, but space should be given great thought.

4. Do meet and greet the band before the party starts

Before even hiring the band, the bride and groom should already have met and seen the band perform live in order to ensure that they fit into the vision that the couple has for their wedding. At the reception, however, it may not be possible for the bride and groom to meet the band before the reception starts. Nevertheless, it’s important to have someone clearly in charge of keeping things running smoothly, and this person can be appointed to welcome the wedding band to the venue to show them where to set up their stuff. Not only will they know who to approach for any concerns, most wedding bands would love to meet their clients.

Keeping the wedding band happy doesn't really take much. All it needs is some consideration, as well as practical expectations. After all, if the wedding band can turn your good party into something awesomely unforgettable, then keeping them happy and satisfied is a small price to pay.