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Slo-Mo Sweet with the Sleekit Beasties

15 Nov 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
So recently the Sleekit Beasties played a wedding at Airth Castle. We took some video footage from the night, edited it, made it look all nice (really just with timelapses and slo-mo's) and published it on YouTube. You can see the finished product down below. Hope you guys all enjoy!
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Sahara showcase set at The Classic Grand October 2016

15 Nov 2016 sahara
Hello and welcome to our first blog post!    We had a great time performing at the most re
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Sleekit Beasties Vlogging at Daylight Savings Hour

31 Oct 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
Our last gig at Drumtochty Castle (pictured below) went incredibly well! It's such a beautiful venue, and they made it so fun and personal with drinks and pool/football tables. Again - for your enjoyment - the sleekit beasties are filming little vlogs of some of our gigs. Click on the video below to see this one!
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Watching the seasons change with the Apollos...

10 Oct 2016 The Apollos
As we load into some of Scotland's best wedding venues through the crisp autumn leaves, it gave us a
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A Briefs update

30 Sep 2016 Franco
...Boxers most of the time
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Heading into Autumn with The Apollos...

21 Sep 2016 The Apollos
Finally, 2016’s summer wedding season is drawing to a close. We’ve been all over the country playing some of Scotland’s most beautiful wedding venues. Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to for the past couple of months!
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Photo Booth Beasties

19 Sep 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
If you let the Sleekit Beasties loose in a photo booth this is exactly what happens. We believe a photo booth is a great addition to any wedding. People absolutely love them! Well, we can only speak for ourselves of course, but the Sleekit Beasties love them.
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Driving up to Ullapool and a Ceilidh in 'Ceilidh Place'

12 Sep 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
So when the Sleekit Beasties couldn't believe it when they found out they were playing a ceilidh in Ullapool, in a venue that was genuinely called Ceilidh Place... It seemed like a match made in heaven. We decided to film some of our journey and shenanigans along the way. Believe me when I say they are all completely ridiculous - don't say we didn't warn you...
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What do you do...

28 Jul 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
What do you do when you're not a Sleekit Beastie?  Now, I could ask most of you this as there are only four of us sneaky beasties in the world - but I think instead I'll give you a wee snapshot of a typical day for Sam, our resident fiddle & keys player and general spreadsheet wizard. This weekend started with her teaching the harp to her Edinburgh based pupils before whizzing off to play harp for
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Ceilidh in a Marquee in a Field...

26 Jul 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
Sometimes all you need to fully describe a Sleekit Beasties Vlog is seven words: Ceilidh in a Marquee in a Field. Enjoy!
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Now this is a First Dance....

14 Jul 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
So a while back we wrote a blog post about first dances, you can see that here - ( But last weekend's first dance was quite simply incredible. They started off with Let's Stay Together by Al Green, but then kicked into a huge mega mix of songs - including Walk Of Life, Edge of Seventeen, I
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Sleekit VLOGGING Beasties!

07 Jul 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
Yes that's correct ladies and gentlemen, the Sleekit Beasties have begun vlogging some of our adventures. We're not quite at the stage of daily vlogging just yet (more like thrice quarterly vlogging...) but at least that's better than nothing! One of our recent gigs was at the "Ptarmigan Restaurant", which was literally at the top of a mountain in the Cairngorns. This was also our only
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Ceilidh in a Brewery...

06 Jul 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
If you're struggling for wedding venue ideas, why not consider a brewery. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Brewery's are usually - Large and Spacious Filled with Beer What else do you need in a wedding venue really? This is where we played recently, WEST Brewery in Glasgow - The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day for a wedding, right beside Glasgow Green. As you can see
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Busy Wedding Season with The Apollos!

25 Jun 2016 The Apollos
Hectic 'Wedding Season' with the Apollos!
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Franco Begins

10 Jun 2016 Franco
After our parents were slain in a simple street mugging gone awry we decided to turn our back on the
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Crowdsurfing at a Wedding

05 Jun 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
What an incredible weekend of wedding's we've just had. Started off on Friday at Dalmahoy in Edinburgh. Clearly us beasties love to pose for a photo - Then on the Saturday we were playing in Traquair Village Hall, close to Peebles. As well as the groom using our beloved set list as a blindfold to walk down the middle of a raging Orcadian Strip the Willow, there was also some actual genuine
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Angels and First Dances

29 May 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
We had an incredible time at last night's wedding, people were up dancing the whole night we didn't have to resort to our quick wit and humour to get them up! It was one of those weddings where even though we had to stop playing (something about noise restrictions and disturbing the peace) they kept on singing, and they kept on dancing: Also, a fun fact for you all, yesterday's first dance was
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Summer Fever with The Apollos

09 May 2016 The Apollos
Hi guys! Here's another update about what we've been up to this year.
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(Iron) Man + Wife

18 Apr 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
Maybe you don't know this (seeing as you're not a sleekit beastie) but The Sleekit Beasties like to play a game whenever we see each other. Basically, we all try and make Sam laugh as much as humanly possibly - especially at inappropriate moments. We would encourage you all to start playing this game too. There was also some fairly cool cake decorations at yesterday's wedding. We're afraid the
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Killing time at Dumfries House

18 Apr 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
Occasionally weddings run behind, there are obviously so many things trying to happen in (hopefully) perfect synchronisation that sometimes things run behind. When this does happen at weddings other bands probably tune their guitars, change their drum skins and do some vocal warm-ups. However, the Sleekit Beasties are no normal ceilidh band. Firstly, we tried to see if we could all fit in the front of
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Spring Chicks

12 Apr 2016 White Doves
Hellooooo! We have had a great start to 2016 and we are so happy spring is upon us, that means summe
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Springing into Action with The Apollos...

11 Apr 2016 The Apollos
Spring has finally arrived, and with it a lot of incredible gigs all around Scotland.
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Matt Multitasking to the Max...

10 Apr 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
We had a great time last night at Fingask in Perth. Note: Fingask Castle is a completely different venue from Fingask Farm (this is why us beasties head off to our weddings super early, and we always check the post code!). Last night Matt decided not only to show off his musical chops, but also his video chops : Also note: if you do grab the videographer's camera, make sure you're actually
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Choice of Cakes

28 Mar 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
Here's a cute idea that our bride and groom (Cat and Dan) did last weekend - they had a choice of wedding cakes for their guests to enjoy. We took it upon ourselves to try a little bit of every single one, just to check they were ok. Believe me when I say they were most definitely ok! We also appreciated the personalised envelope with our name on it - made us feel very special indeed!
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Fantastic Finnegan's

07 Mar 2016 The Jets
Can you believe it’s March already?! January and February have sped by and apparently spring is on i
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Gigging down in Lincoln

26 Jan 2016 The Sleekit Beasties
First of all Happy New Year Everyone! So the Sleekit Beasties had quite an incredible 2015. It was filled with many gigs, lots of opportunities to meet with you all and of course lots of ceilidhing. On a side note, the Sleekit Beasties are fairly confident that 'ceilidhing' is not technically a word, but we're deciding to use it anyway! At the end of last year (somewhere in those middle days between
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Happy 2016 from The Apollos!

22 Jan 2016 The Apollos
Happy New Year from the Apollos! Hope January is being good to everyone. We've had a busy month rehe
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New Year New Franco

19 Jan 2016 Franco
Well not really a new Franco Just some new services and songs. But thats pretty good. And you're wel
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MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Sleekit Beasties!

22 Dec 2015 The Sleekit Beasties
On behalf of the Sleekit Beasties, we're wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here's a little something for you all, hope you enjoy -
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The Apollos - Upcoming Gigs!

05 Dec 2015 The Apollos
What an incredible year of weddings and functions! We've had the opportunity to perform in some of S
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Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted to Doves

02 Aug 2015 White Doves
Well well well - it's been a busy month for all&nb
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Yorkshire Gig

18 Jun 2015 The Sleekit Beasties
So Sleekit Beasties had our furthest gig away so far this year, all the way in Yorkshire. The wedding was an amazing one - even if the few Scottish people there were the only ones who could actually understand us! We were even impressed with their ceilidh dancing - even if it took some (detailed) explaining on our part. The venue was part of a England National Trust site, which meant a strict
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Unique wedding ideas...

15 May 2015 Franco
Following on from our last inspirational post I would like to give you a list of some different and
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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions When Booking a Band from our Very Own Goldstar

23 Feb 2015 Goldstar
Music For Scotland's Goldstar answer all the questions you may have before hiring a live wedding band
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Franco's Empire (read all the way to the end, it has a twist)

01 Feb 2015 Franco
Like a used tea bag, 2014 lies drained and used by the side of the sink.
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2015, The year of Goldstar.

10 Jan 2015 Goldstar
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did you have a good holiday season? Because we did.
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A Nice time to go Dutch

05 Nov 2014 Franco
So we caught some end of summer rays in the south of France and it was Nice.
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