10 Jun 2016 Franco

Franco Begins

After our parents were slain in a simple street mugging gone awry we decided to turn our back on the family business and fortune and instead headed west to hone our skills and spend the years becoming the cover band that music for scotland needs but not the one it deserves...

Of course if there was a family fortune we would never have left and we all still have our parents and we're very grateful to music for Scotland for all of their hard work on our behalf.

But we're sort of Batman-ish if you think about it. We only really do any work at night, we put on fancy clothes to work, we put on silly voices, we have a work van. Its almost a seamless comparison. 

We also do have an origins story. Ours began about 15 years ago when we were in high school. We have played in bands together all of our adult life doing original material and covers and we've been able to travel across europe and to America doing both. We moved from Carnoustie in the east coast of Scotland to Glasgow to pursue a career in playing original music. Along the way we made a few videos and released a few singles and EP's and played some great shows at the likes of King Tuts, T in the Park, Wickerman, Belladrum and any other venue that would have us. 

We only started playing covers so we could quit our jobs and keep funding recordings and videos and tours of our own material and that was a great set up for a while. Eventually we got a break but it wasn't the one we were expecting, we actually met the Music For Scotland team at a wedding and a few phone calls later we became an official 'Wedding Band' and have been at it ever since. It was a lucky move and its been great fun working with friends doing something we've always done. As a result we like to think we offer something pretty great at Weddings and functions. We know each others playing inside out and have played in all venues to all crowds. We're definitely still learning as we go but for example the other night at a wedding we were asked for some pop-punk tunes as a request of the bride and we were able to bring out some Blink 182, Queens of the stone age, Foo Fighters and Tenacious D that we learned years and years ago. It doesn't come up very often but when it does its pretty good fun!

Feel free to test us at a wedding the next time you see us and we'll do our best to surprise you!

Here are some links to all that good original stuff I was telling you about…ENJOY