The Apollos - Upcoming Gigs!

05 Dec 2015 The Apollos
What an incredible year of weddings and functions! We've had the opportunity to perform in some of S
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Happy 2016 from The Apollos!

22 Jan 2016 The Apollos
Happy New Year from the Apollos! Hope January is being good to everyone. We've had a busy month rehe
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Springing into Action with The Apollos...

11 Apr 2016 The Apollos
Spring has finally arrived, and with it a lot of incredible gigs all around Scotland.
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Summer Fever with The Apollos

09 May 2016 The Apollos
Hi guys! Here's another update about what we've been up to this year.
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Busy Wedding Season with The Apollos!

25 Jun 2016 The Apollos
Hectic 'Wedding Season' with the Apollos!
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Heading into Autumn with The Apollos...

21 Sep 2016 The Apollos
Finally, 2016’s summer wedding season is drawing to a close. We’ve been all over the country playing some of Scotland’s most beautiful wedding venues. Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to for the past couple of months!
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Watching the seasons change with the Apollos...

10 Oct 2016 The Apollos
As we load into some of Scotland's best wedding venues through the crisp autumn leaves, it gave us a
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