22 Jan 2016 The Apollos

Happy 2016 from The Apollos!

Happy New Year from the Apollos! Hope January is being good to everyone. We've had a busy month rehearsing our new material and playing at some of Edinburgh's finest live music venues. Our gig at Finnegans Wake on the 8th was an incredible night for us! It gave a number of couples considering us for their wedding the chance to see us live before making their decision. They were able to ask us questions about their requests, see how we perform and interact onstage and listen to our unique take on some of the best pop songs of the last fifty years.

If you're interested in booking us, why not come along to our next showcase on the 2nd February at the Classic Grand in Glasgow? We'll be playing alongside some of Scotland's hardest working wedding bands and will be available for you to ask us anything about your big day! If you're more Edinburgh based, we'll also be performing at Finnegans Wake on the 11th February at 22:30. Finnegans Wake gives us a chance to try out our newest material to a great audience and allows couples to see how people respond to our music. Spoiler alert: everyone always ends up dancing!

We've got a very busy year ahead with weddings up and down the country. If you want to keep track of our schedule and find out about any upcoming gigs, why not like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/theapollosgroup to view our regular posts?

Have a good new year!

The Apollos x