02 Aug 2015 White Doves

Might As Well Face It, You're Addicted to Doves

Well well well - it's been a busy month for all of us in White Doves as we've been bouncing all around Scotland to
join you and jazz up your celebrations wherever they happen to be.

Our July began with a trip to Loch Ard near Stirling, which proved a stunning backdrop for the night's celebrations.

Next up, in a series of events that wouldn't have been out of place in a Bonnie Tyler video,
six White Doves miraculously appeared at a wedding reception at the Dalmahoy Country Club in Kirknewton.


Seriously, if the locations keep looking like this, we're actually going to have to start capturing and releasing doves mid-way through our set. It sounds romantic and all, but it's an RSPCA lawsuit waiting to happen.

Most recently, we hit up Auchavan to celebrate the wedding of Mr and Mrs Pearson, in a cosy venue overlooking the rolling hills of Angus.

A stripped-down version of Real Love by John Lennon even had a couple of onlookers reaching for tissues. :')

That's right folks - teary-eyed relatives, or your money back.*

*This statement is not endorsed by Music for Scotland Ltd. or any of its affiliates. Come to mention it, that kinda goes for the content of this whole blog. Go figure.

Thank you so much to everyone that saw us perform in the past few weeks!!

It's always a blast for us to come out and see you guys and we can't wait to meet you in the coming months as we see out the rest of the summer.

Stay tuned as we'll have more updates, more photos and more news to share with you guys at: White Doves Blog