05 Nov 2014 Franco

A Nice time to go Dutch

So we caught some end of summer rays in the south of France and it was Nice. No, really we were in Nice. If you ever visit you should lose a night of your life in Wayne's Bar. Its a really excellent night out and a pretty intense party atmosphere seven days a week. 
We relived our youth and played to lovely crowds every night. We came home and have had a full September and October of weddings and now we are off on our travels again. This time we've been invited to play in the Netherlands for a long weekend. We will be travelling around the country for the next four nights so not sure exactly where we'll end up. We'll leave that to the poor guy who is doing the driving. 
Christmas is fast approaching so we're dusting off the old classics and practising our Bono and Sinatra impressions. They are poor but don't let that put you off because our George Michael and Justin Hawkins are SPOT ON! Its just how we get down.
Looking forward to some Christmas parties and festive weddings. We've got a few days off over Christmas but a handful of daring clients are having weddings 23rd and then again between Christmas and New Year which we are hoping are as messy as previous years. We are building up a pretty good database of drunken dance floor tales. I'll post about them one day…
If you're getting married this weekend have a great one. Remember you'll only do it once!**
See you in Amsterdam!
**Statistically you'll do it twice. Please keep us in mind for your next one!
P.S I know thats a pretty tenuous title