15 May 2015 Franco

Unique wedding ideas...

Following on from our last inspirational post I would like to give you a list of some different and interesting wedding ideas. I know we have all been to weddings that are carbon copies of other weddings at the same venue so hopefully some of these amazing suppliers will give you your own ideas of how to put a unique stamp on some long-standing wedding traditions.


Woodside Warehouse is a new blank canvas style venue where you can transform each room as you choose so you can really add a bit of style and personality to your wedding


Christopher Currie Photography are a fantastic duo who's focus is on capturing you at your most natural on your wedding day. We have been bumping into Chris and Gillian for years and they always add to a great atmosphere throughout the day. Bertie the pug comes as optional…

Hair and Make Up

Pro Bridal Team Scotland are simply the best hair and make up in Scotland. Apart from looking and feeling fantastic you will leave your dressing table buzzing after spending the morning being taken care of by this amazing team of specialists


Lisa at Sparrow and Rose is full of ideas that can transorm any venue or table into something really outstanding


E.y.i Love have everything you can think of. Be inspired over at their website. It was good enough for Andy Murray…

Add ons, extras, fun stuff…

Check out I Love Letters for a great range of lights and fairground games that can help you create a relaxed and fun atmosphere for all of your guests
And of course for all of your photo booth needs you know where to look!

Franco photo booth

Our very own photo booth service adds a great amount of fun and excitement to any great wedding reception. Tailored images and props mean you can add a personal touch and take home a wonderful guestbook album with all of your images. A nice alternative to a wedding favour