01 Feb 2015 Franco

Franco's Empire (read all the way to the end, it has a twist)

Like a used tea bag, 2014 lies drained and used by the side of the sink. Strained of every last ounce of taste and squeezed within an inch of its life on the side of my mug. But what a lovely cup of tea it was. 

It flew by really. One minute its dark and cold and we're loading in for weddings in January and the next minute…well its dark and cold and we're loading in for weddings in January. There was that warmer bit in the middle where we were never at home and slept like we were working night shift but like my tan, that memory has faded. Wow, I'm killing the metaphors today. Do try to keep up (like a belt in a pair of jeans that are too big perhaps)
Anyway. Back to the blog. Like the birds returning from the long winter in the south…Sorry it happened again.
We're back in full swing for 2015. You all want Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran as your first dance so I'm putting that in my diary for every wedding until you tell me otherwise. Thank you, Ed! 
We have added to the Franco package (this is NOT a metaphor, there is MORE PACKAGE) for 2015 in the form of our very own photo booth! 
We are giving big discounts to all Franco clients but also there are discount for ALL Music For Scotland clients. 
I know. You're welcome. 
See you all at the showcase this Tuesday at Classic Grand!