30 Sep 2016 Franco

A Briefs update

...Boxers most of the time


Although the weather is cooling down the dancefloors remain HAWT for Franco.

We've been testing out some new material and adding different variations of our ceilidh recently which have gone down really well and most importantly have been fun for both the guests and for us! If you would like live ceilidh at your wedding just let us know in advance and we will make sure that the jigs are all in there.

Is it just me or is there a 90's revival going on? We've been asked for a lot of Stone Roses, Oasis, Nirvana and even Spice Girls recently. We were only too happy to oblige. Move it, shake it, use it, break it, who do you think you are? Trust it, move it, use it, prove it, show me how good you are...etc etc

If you have any special requests from a decade or a genre we've got most things in our arsenal and are up for trying new things all the time so again drop us that email in advance and we will be ready.

We're playing in our home town tonight so looking forward to seeing a few familiar faces and then we're back on the road this weekend. Check out our facebook for some extremely average photography and world class wit.


Have a good weekend errbody!