28 Jul 2016 The Sleekit Beasties

What do you do...

...when you're not a Sleekit Beastie?


Now, I could ask most of you this as there are only four of us sneaky beasties in the world - but I think instead I'll give you a wee snapshot of a typical day for Sam, our resident fiddle & keys player and general spreadsheet wizard. 


This weekend started with her teaching the harp to her Edinburgh based pupils before  whizzing off to play harp for afternoon tea. Here's a nice wee clip of her entertaining the folks on Princes' Street as they eat their delicious looking cakes.

And then after that a lovely scenic drive up to Aberdeen for a cracker of a night.

Now, we really need to find up what was up with Andrew's day to turn him into a dolphin...


He is one Sleekie Beast.