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6 Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding days might be glamorous and perfect, but the happenings that occur prior to the big day is almost always a constant battlefield - with the partner, the wedding coordinator, family, and oneself. There are seemingly too many things to do and so little time.
One of the most overlooked factors is the wedding music. It can be easy to forget when one has to go through numerous fittings for wedding outfits, but it should definitely be on the priority list. Music is one of the things that really make a wedding stand out, as it not only makes the event more memorable, it also showcases the couple’s personality.
Avoid having wedding music that you’ll regret well into your marriage. Here are six wedding music mistakes you should NOT make:

1. Skipping sound check.

This step is not only for the wedding band or singer to perform well live, it’s also an essential venue factor. With destination weddings becoming more and more popular, beaches and cliffs are just some of the locations that couples decide on for their wedding ceremony. In such cases, the possibility of the sounds of waves crashing on the shore drowning out any sound from the speakers should be considered.
By asking the location manager and doing a sound check before the big event, the space’s acoustic limitations can be assessed, and prior sound and equipment arrangements can be made with the venue and the wedding band.

2. Starting off with silence.

Without any music playing in the background, guests will begin to wonder if they’ve arrived at the right venue. Remedy this by asking your hired wedding band to start performing some light songs at least 30 to 20 minutes before the ceremony is set to start. This not only welcomes guests, it also encourages them to mingle and chat, and finally settle down just as the wedding ceremony is about to start. Avoid absolute silence as it can get on your guests’ patience.

3. Choosing inappropriate songs for both the ceremony and reception.

The songs and music that play on your wedding ceremony and reception should be ones that have personal meaning to both you and your partner - or at least ones that you both like. However, it doesn’t give anyone a free pass at choosing just about any kind of music, especially during the ceremony. The day might be yours but the venue that you are getting hitched in is not, and there are certain rules that you need to abide by, particularly if you are getting married in a religious location. 
Similarly, during the wedding reception, remember that being liberal and progressive does not always translate to songs and music of a perverted kind. Consider the song’s lyrics, and remove those with questionable messages from the playlist to avoid upsetting the in-laws.

4. Forgetting a do-not-play list.

Wedding music should be all about the couple and the good memories that they’ve shared. Avoid accidentally having songs connected to bad memories (or worse, an old flame) be part of your wedding playlist by simply jumping the gun and coming up with a list of songs that should not at all costs and at any time be played during the wedding day. Make sure to procure this list to your DJ, wedding band, and wedding planner as well.

5. Having long special dance songs.

First dances are special, and so are father-daughter dances. They’re symbolic, fun, and sweet. However, making them go on forever can leave guests feeling bored, and they lose interest quickly - especially if all you’re really doing is swaying back and forth. Save them and yourself the hassle, and keep special dances short and sweet as they should be.

6. Not hiring a DJ or wedding band.

DIY-ing your wedding music isn’t impossible however there’s the potential for more stress on the couple. Hiring professional wedding musicians can help keep the reception events flow smoothly as well as give the wedding guests a great time.
Weddings are truly amazing. It brings people together to celebrate a love that’s promised an entire lifetime, and is one of the most memorable moments of a person’s life. Having the right kind of music sets the mood and makes it more enjoyable, and so much more memorable for years to come.

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