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Music Ideas for Small and Intimate Weddings

No matter how large or small your wedding is, it is always best to have some good old music playing in the background as you walk down the aisle to forever. Some might say it’s impractical but it would be a shame to completely remove any type of music on your wedding day. Music not only helps in filling the silence, it also sets the mood and is a powerful method of expressing and evoking emotions.
But how can you best utilize music for your small wedding ceremony?

Finalize your venue

Once you have your location set, all else will follow, including the type of music and songs you’ll need to prepare to be played. The length of the aisle, the wedding party size that can be accommodated by the church or venue of your choice, as well as the type of venue (enclosed, or outdoors) will need to be taken into consideration when planning your playlist for your wedding ceremony. It’s always best to be prepared for anything!

Go for a more intimate sound

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Since you’re having a small wedding, there’s no need to go all out with an orchestra or string quartet. Doing so may even prove to be overkill, and can drown out the rest of the important aspects of the wedding. Opt for a more intimate sound, such as narrowing down to one special instrument. 
One good example is a piano, which creates a sound that fits well with the solemn ambiance of a wedding ceremony, and works well in enclosed spaces. Either a grand piano or a baby piano will do, just have it situated close to your guests or wedding party.
An organ is also a good option; however, it typically produces a grand sound that can be irritating when loudly played. For small weddings, it’s best to settle with using the softer stops to produce a wonderfully soft sound that is perfect for small weddings.
Stringed instruments such as guitars and violins work great as well, but if you decide to forego any instruments and have a vocalist sing during the ceremony instead, ensure that your singer is comfortable with singing in front of a small crowd that will most likely be seated nearby.

Choose your moments

Small weddings are usually held because the couple to be wedded would much rather prefer to have an intimate ceremony with only their closest and dearest present to watch them tie the knot. As such, only having the music playing at certain moments – and playing softly – will help to create that intimate mood.
Only have music playing for a short period of time prior to the start of the ceremony, and take care to not have it overpower your guest’s voices as they mingle. The perfect type of music to play while waiting for the ceremony to begin is one that encourages people to talk freely among themselves without too much distraction.
For the bridal processional, try to use just one song rather than having to cut a second song due to the processional being done. You may even opt to skip the recessional, as well as the postlude which should allow your guests to exit the ceremony venue much quicker to be able to head on to the reception venue.
Whether you ultimately decide on having music playing on your ceremony or not, a small-scale wedding is an intimate affair that with the right kind and amount of music can be as memorable and joyful as any grand wedding of larger size, and can even make it a lot more special that if done without any music at all.

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