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Finding Wedding Entertainment In Scotland

Getting married is one of the most significant events in anyone's life, and it is only natural to want to celebrate it in the most lavish way possible. Even if your wedding day is a bit of a way off, you have probably already given some thought to the wedding reception, especially with regard to what you will do about entertainment. The entertainment is of course an essential part of any wedding reception, and finding the best option for you and your partner will greatly add to the success of your event.

If you’re getting married in Scotland you will be spoiled for choice in everything from venues, catering, live wedding bands, and every single other element of the day because it is home to some of the most talented wedding suppliers the world over. Scotland is blessed with an amazingly rich and varied cultural history - in which music plays a large role - and has its own distinctive musical legacy. If you want to adopt a traditional theme for your wedding reception, incorporating live music during your big day is particularly important; having traditional Scottish pipers serve as the musical entertainment for your event for example will celebrate the Scottish heritage and definitely win you points with your guests.

That being said, there is no law that says you need to choose the traditional route either. Maybe a more appropriate choice for your wedding entertainment would be a live ceilidh and covers band? This is a great way to kick your wedding reception up a notch on the excitement scale, and with a capable band on board, you're assured of a rollicking good time before you go on your honeymoon!

But how do you go about actually finding the right wedding entertainment? Google is teaming with search results for wedding entertainers from DJs to live wedding bands; from jazz bands to string quartets; harpists to blues duos. Where do you start? As always, we’re here to help with our expert advice, gleaned from decades of experience and thousands of weddings. Read on to find out more.

Step 1: Decide on the Style.

What do you want from your wedding entertainers? When do you want them to play? Do you want more than one style of entertainment? What’s your budget? What are the restrictions imposed by your wedding venue when it comes to entertainment? What would you like your first dance to be? These are all questions you need to answer. If your budget is generous, you may wish to consider a string quartet or harpist for the ceremony, a swing or jazz band for the pre-reception drinks, maybe a children's entertainer to keep the younger guests happy, and a live band or DJ for the evening to get the party going. In Scotland, ceilidh bands are of course a popular choice that will have all age groups up and reeling away on the dance floor. Covers bands are a great choice as they usually have a setlist of music from all decades so you’re guaranteed to have something to suit everyones’ tastes. If your budget is a bit tighter, a DJ is always an option - just make sure you’re happy with the setlist. There is nothing worse than having cheesy pop blasted at you from early evening until the end of the night when all you’re desperate for are a few rock ballads or the top 100 chart hits played in order when you can’t stand contemporary music. Trust us, you’ve been warned!

Step 2: Don’t click on the first Google Result


So you’ve typed in “Best Wedding Entertainment Scotland” into Google and you’re overwhelmed with the volume of results that come up. So overwhelmed, that you click on the very first listing. Don’t! Why not, you may ask? Have a look at the search result again - does it have an “Ad” sign next to it? Yes, that’s a paid advertisement so the company you’re clicking has paid to be at the top of the search results. This isn’t bad per se, however, it doesn’t mean that the company is the best either. Google ranks organic listings (that’s the ones that come up without the “Ad” next to them) by the quality of the website content, which usually means that the businesses ranked in the top 5 non “Ad” spaces are actually the better options because their website has better quality content and shows them to have more expertise and experience. Simply put, the top results without the “Ad” symbol put more effort into how they come across on the internet and Google is betting on them to be the best choices for you. It’s easy to just pay for advertising and get your business to the top of the search results but it takes something special to make a business stand out organically in Google’s eyes. So don’t just go for the first result you come across - take your time and do your research.

Step 3: Doing your research


On that note, when you’re doing your research, you need to carefully consider whether you want to go for an independent entertainer or choose an agency instead. You need to make sure that the wedding entertainment you’re choosing has the appropriate insurance and will absolutely, 100% show up on the day which is not always the case with independent entertainers. Whereas a music agency will be able to provide you with a live wedding band, DJ, etc regardless of any unavoidable circumstances - the singer/musician gets sick and is unable to perform for example - an independent entertainer is unlikely to be able to provide the same service. Another advantage of using a music agency is the extensive experience and expertise this would give you access to. Quality music agencies have done it all, seen it all, and are prepared for any eventuality so you can have complete peace of mind that your wedding entertainment is in safe hands.

Step 4: See Them Live


Another reason to go with a music agency is that you’re almost guaranteed to be able to see your chosen band live either through a free wedding band showcase or in HD format on the website itself simply because agencies have more money to invest in these all-important elements. If you’ve chosen to go for an independent entertainer, make sure you ask about opportunities to see them perform in real life before you take the plunge and book them. It may be possible for you to see them at another wedding or event they’re performing at or maybe they can invite you to a rehearsal - make sure you’re looking out for their personalities, the bands’ dynamic, and their energy as well as listening to their music. No matter how talented the musicians are, if they lack the charisma required to pull off an epic performance, the night will be flat and the dance floor empty. Make sure to check their references and reviews carefully and consider whether the entertainment is right for your wedding day

Step 5: Book With Confidence


Once you’re happy with your chosen entertainer, book, book, book! Wedding entertainment should be the second thing you tick off on your wedding checklist, straight after the wedding venue. Whatever you do, don’t commit to a band without signing a contract that will clarify cancellation policies and the safeguards in case anything goes wrong. Keep your wedding entertainers informed on any restrictions stipulated by the wedding venue and let them know any details - e.g. space, wedding timings, etc - which will help the setup go as smoothly as possible and will avoid any delays on the day.

Regardless of which wedding entertainment option you go for, make sure it suits your wedding theme and style and takes your guests into consideration. Think about all the options available to you - there are so many! - and don’t delay booking your perfect entertainers as the good ones get snapped up months (sometimes years) in advance.

At Music For Scotland we have wedding entertainment to suit all tastes so if you have any questions or just need a bit of advice, contact us for a no-obligation chat. Happy planning!