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The Best Wedding Bands Scotland Has To Offer - 2024-2025

Music For Scotland presents the top 10 of the best wedding bands for hire in Scotland, based on bookings from our very full-looking 2024 - 2025 diary. Whether you’re looking for wedding bands in Glasgow, Edinburgh or across Scotland (and the UK) we have the top bands for you right here, all available to view in HD.

Music For Scotland is highly trusted and recommended by corporate clients and hosts of private functions across Scotland and with events taking off once more (hurrah!) our live bands’ diaries are filling up fast.  So have a look at who’s being booked up and see if our entertainers can get your party started and keep it going well into the night.  Don’t believe us?  With any luck, our live Wedding Band Showcases in Glasgow and Edinburgh will be coming back soon so you can see and hear the talent for yourselves!

Based on our bookings from this year, and into the next, we thought we’d share which of our bands are most in demand.

Drumroll please, our most hired live wedding bands in Scotland of 2024-2025 are:











For our full rostre of incredible acts please see our Wedding Bands page

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Cost to hire live wedding band: starting from £750

Category: Wedding Bands Glasgow

One of our most in-demand live wedding bands are Franco - this band are truly among the best wedding bands Glasgow, and Scotland as a whole, has to offer.  Based in Glasgow Franco’s popularity has seen them become one of the most sought after bands in the country and, watching them perform, you can see why.  The energy they inject into every performance is electrifying and their passion and enthusiasm are impossible to miss.   Their personality and charisma make this live band rock ‘n’ roll in every sense of the term.  As well as weddings and functions, this talented trio have been known to perform at countless prominent gigs at home and internationally including festivals such as T in The park and Wickerman.  All of Franco’s reviews are stellar and delighted couples frequently rave about their dynamite sets.

Their extensive repertoire spans all decades and this multi-talented band can provide a DJ set if required.  You’ll need to be organised though - Franco get booked up months (sometimes years!) in advance so check out their performances on our website in HD or on Music For Scotland’s YouTube channel and get cracking on submitting that booking enquiry!


Cost to hire live wedding band: starting from £1250

Category: Wedding Bands Edinburgh


Looking for a truly Scottish live wedding band that can do it all? If you can get them, Goldstar will have you and your guests dancing and reeling well into the night while blowing the roof off your wedding venue with their incredible vocals. Performing Scotland-wide, Goldstar are highly in demand at wedding and function venues across Glasgow and Edinburgh due to their fantastic repertoire that has something for everyone and the added bonus of a professional Ceilidh caller who will help you get your Scottish country dancing moves just right.

Whether it’s Beyonce, the Arctic Monkeys or Strip The Willow this band can do it all with pizzazz and leave you wanting more.


The Stylists

Cost to hire live wedding band: starting from £1500

Category: Wedding Bands Edinburgh


One of the best live wedding bands in Scotland, performing country-wide and blowing the socks off their audiences in the process, The Stylists are famous for their phenomenal vocals, giving the likes of Rihanna, Whitney Houston and Lizzo a run for their money!  With their extensive playlist covering everything from Scottish traditional music, 50s rock ‘n’ roll and as well as modern-day hits, the variety of their set is guaranteed to please.  Not only is this covers band a phenomenal choice to rock your wedding or function, but they are also a dab hand at getting the atmosphere just right for a ceilidh dancing session.


The White Doves

Cost to hire live wedding band: starting from £1500

Category: Wedding Bands Edinburgh


The White Doves are a Scottish wedding band that almost don’t need an introduction.  With the lead singer featuring on the popular talent show The Voice, you can probably tell the calibre of vocal talent on offer here.  Blowing away the audiences of Wedding Band Showcases in Glasgow and Edinburgh every time they perform, the White Doves get snapped up fast.  The band can provide a short ceilidh set and music between sets as well as perform any specific requests if the band is notified with sufficient notice.

The reviews for this wedding band are outstanding, which is no surprise.  Want this painfully cool band to make your wedding or event the most talked about for years to come?  Enquire now or forever hold your peace!


The Sleekit Beasties

Cost to hire live wedding band: starting from £1000

Category: Wedding Bands Edinburgh


A ceilidh and covers band who are famous around Scotland and have rocked venues across Glasgow, Edinburgh and the highlands and lowlands, The Sleekit Beasties are a phenomenal act. Any wedding celebration lucky (and quick) enough to book them is in for a roaring good time. With a fantastic fiddler in their midst as well as outrageous talent behind guitars, drums and keyboard, these guys aren’t just talented musicians they make every single song FUN.  You can’t help but get energised by their performance and the sheer love of what they do shines through every second they’re up on stage.  Not only are they highly in demand for weddings, but they’ve also played high profile events like Edinburgh’s Hogmanay - all in a day’s work!

Even people with two left feet will be dancing to this outstanding band.  Book, book, book now - you won’t be disappointed.



Cost to hire live wedding band: starting from £1800

Category: Wedding Bands Edinburgh


Looking for one of the most experienced live bands in Scotland, and the country as a whole?  Look no further than Porkpie.  This 8 piece band of phenomenal musicians will blow your socks off, and the roof along with them.  Comprised of a male vocalist, keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar, three-piece horn section and drums, these seasoned professionals have been performing at events all over the country and internationally, at private, corporate events as well as large scale festivals, celebrity functions,  and renowned music venues.  The energy and charisma of these guys is unparalleled and their audiences are always - without exception - left wanting more.


Sugar Honey

Cost to hire live wedding band: starting from £1500

Category: Wedding Bands Edinburgh


Sugar Honey is a six-piece, exceptional wedding and function band that play Scotland-wide.  They have an incredible talent for reading a room and a knack for getting the party going (and keeping it going all night.)  Featuring strong female vocals, and an incredible range of styles this Scottish live band are the height of professionalism and put their customers immediately at ease.  The peace of mind that everything will go exactly to plan is guaranteed with Sugar Honey, and with a song for every type of wedding guest on their roster, you can sit back and relax - or dance the night away, which comes highly recommended.



Cost to hire live wedding band: starting from £1000

Category: Wedding Bands Edinburgh


 Kickback are an energetic band that have helped couples and their guests celebrate weddings in style all across Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland-wide - as well as internationally.  Whether you have a small function or an event with hundreds of people, Kickback will get the atmosphere just right.  As well as live music across the decades and disco / DJ sets, Kickback can perform a ceilidh that will have your guests spinning their partners around and reeling till the wee small hours.  



Cost to hire live wedding band: starting from £1250

Category: Wedding Bands Edinburgh


A truly epic Ceilidh and Covers band, in high demand especially at venues across Glasgow and Edinburgh.  This young and energetic band have a wealth of experience between them and every performance makes it clear that music is a true passion for the group.  Featuring memorable vocals, masterful instrumentals and a setlist that will get every age group up and jumping, this band command the attention of the most discerning audiences.  And if you fancy a ceilidh, Juniper are one of the best ceilidh bands around, performing the most popular jigs and reels to inject some truly Scottish heritage into your wedding or event.

Ready to reel these guys in?  Enquire now to find out their availability.



Cost to hire live wedding band: starting from £1250

Category: Wedding Bands Edinburgh

Ceilidhonia are one of the best bands in Scotland - period.  They have played at T in the Park (twice!) and performed at Edinburgh's Hogmanay Street Party on Multiple occasions so knowing how to get their audience energised and into the party spirit is all in a day's work for this multi-talented Ceilidh and Covers group.  Not only are they well known as spectacular entertainers, but their first album also got international acclaim.  When you book Ceilidhonia, you can therefore guarantee the highest degree of professionalism and a performance that offers something truly special.  Better be quick, this band's diary is jampacked!

Still not convinced?  Listen to and watch all of our live wedding bands, in HD and stay tuned for news of our next live wedding band showcase in Glasgow or Edinburgh.  Ready to book? Go for it - just send us a no-obligation booking enquiry and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and give you advice if required.

Whatever your choice of bands, all of our live wedding and function bands will blow you away and make your event the one to remember.  If you need further inspiration and reassurance, check out our stellar reviews and book soon to avoid disappointment