30 Nov 2016 Admin

Entertainment Ideas for an Outdoor Fife Wedding


Home to some of Scotland’s most gorgeous beaches, the Kingdom of Fife is a perfect getaway for an outdoor wedding - relative to the season, of course. If you haven’t started on writing up entertainment ideas for your Fife wedding, check out these suggestions:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Cook up a scavenger hunt game for your guests as they wait for the reception to start (and while you take post-wedding ceremony stunning photos with), and have prizes ready for those who finished the game first.

2. Photo Booth

Always a crowd pleaser, having a photo booth set up away from the main reception hall not only entertains your guests effectively, the photos printed out can also double as a wedding giveaway.

3. Fireworks Display

Nothing ends a happy wedding celebration more spectacularly than fireworks. Literally, it’s like ending the joyous event with a bang.

4. Outdoor Dancing

A perfect addition to any fun wedding reception, an outdoor dance floor can get your guests up and dancing as you party the night away in celebration of your first day as a wedded couple. Of course, for this part of the reception to be successful, you’ll need to hire an awesome DJ, or better yet, a lively wedding band.

How Music for Scotland can help you

If you haven’t found the musicians of your dreams to play at your wedding, let us help you out. With an impressive roster of ceilidh bands, string quartets, classical musicians, and experienced wedding bands, there’s no need to look far for your source of wedding music in Fife. Contact Music for Scotland today!