01 Oct 2015 Admin

Winter Weddings: 6 Ways to Keep Guests Entertained

There are many perks of tying the knot during the winter months. Aside from relatively cheaper expenses, winter is a very romantic season. If you plan to say “I do” during winter, here are a few ideas to keep the festivities up throughout the entire celebration.

1. Greet guests in style.

Brides and grooms won’t really have that much time before the ceremony to great each and every one of their guests as they arrive, so welcome them in to the venue with music instead. Warm and welcoming acoustic music that’s meant to be in the background can provide a great ambiance for guests to mingle as they find their seats before the ceremony starts. You can even opt to include Christmas carollers into the mix to perform your favourite carols and usher in your special guests. That’s bound to get everyone into a celebratory mood!

2. Add a holiday twist to the ceremony.

Classical music played during the wedding ceremony adds a certain charm that just takes the romantic mood up a notch. But instead of the usual choir playing all the music for your ceremony, have a solo classical singer to lead in the hymns (if you’re having them) and accompany you and your husband with music as you both sign the wedding register. Or acknowledge the holiday season by having the choir or solo singer to perform appropriate holiday songs to add a cheery twist to your wedding. 

3. Offer variations at the bar.

A winter wedding is held during the coldest season of the year, so it’s important to keep the guests (as well as the bride and groom themselves) feeling warm. Rather than only offering the usual cocktails, have the bar prepare some much-needed hot drinks as well. 


Better yet, why not have a separate bar set up that serves only hot drinks? Spice it up by providing everything one would need to make an awesome liquor-spiked hot chocolate drink that would not only keep your guests warm and fuzzy, but also happy.


3. Bring the winter magic inside.

You don’t need to have anyone shovel up some snow and bring it inside the venue - it would most likely melt within a few minutes, anyway. But you can certainly bring the winter magic inside with the use of a little creativity. For example, use fake snow to fall on you and your groom’s heads as you dance your first dance, making the moment even more magical. 
Another cool option would be to have a laser show create stunning images and landscapes of light that would surely turn your ordinary wedding reception venue into a winter wonderland of the high-tech kind. You can also have an outdoor event, if you’re up for it. If your budget (and the venue’s space) allows, have an artificial ice skating rink installed outside, and invite your guests to join in on the fun as you skate around. 

5. Send guests home with physical memories.

Memories creating during the wedding ceremony and reception are priceless, but it wouldn’t harm anyone to have physical memories to hold onto and bring home. This translates to wedding favours, of course, and the great thing about winter weddings is that it gives you the opportunity to think outside of the box and prepare special gifts that would normally not be appreciated during any other season. 
Snow globes, scarves, warm gloves, or personalized winter wonderland-inspired gift items are just a few of the favours that you can prepare for your guests. For more personalized gifts, though, go for baked goodies, and pack them along with a hot cocoa kit that your guests will appreciate once they get home after having to navigate through the cold to get there. 

6. Light up the sky with a bang.

Fireworks aren’t just great for the summer season; they’re perfect for the winter night sky, too. The brilliance of fireworks can illuminate the darkest of winter nights, and would make for a great send off as your guests depart after the celebrations have ended. Take it up a level higher by having fire and glow performers entertain guests outside as they wait for their transportation to arrive. It would be a magical way to end a winter wedding celebration - and would surely be remembered a few years down the road!

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