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What to Do When You’re Nervous about Your First Dance

The first dance is a long standing tradition that both you and your guests will get excited about. But it is also a part of the wedding that couples of all moods and personalities are most nervous about. After all, not all of us are born with graceful dance moves. If you're nervous about your first dance as a married couple, here are some tips to get you through.

Classic couple

If Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly me to the Moon’ and ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ has always been the first dance music of your dreams, you are a couple who are traditional to the core.  The Waltz may seem easy but the whole dance will feel flat if it lacks the elegance and grace that it requires. 

Becoming in tune with the rhythm of the song will help you. With the waltz, the moves are simplistic and repetitive. These are easy to memorize but the execution must be perfect.

Shy types

If you’re one of those shy couples, you’d usually avoid the possibility of dancing in public. But since this is your wedding and the spotlight is standard practice, it is inevitable that you have a first dance. 

Your wedding dance need not be a full-blown performance. Always remember that your guests, consisting of your family and friends are around to support you and cheer you on. Choose music that is easy to dance to. A good pick would be one that is upbeat but easy to keep up with. Find a tune you are both familiar with. If it makes it easier, sing along. 

Another way to conquer the jitters is by inviting everyone - not only your dance instructor or your bridal party - to join you and your spouse during your first dance. Ceilidh bands are great at getting everybody on the dance floor.

Practice also makes a world of difference. Practice weekly at least six months before the wedding. The more familiar you are with the music and steps, the more confident you will feel.

Unconventional pair

The unconventional couple will not settle for the prescribed waltz. Their wedding dance should be a unique and beautiful in an edgy way. Songs by Madonna, Aerosmith or The Smiths may come up. For the unconventional couple, the first dance may be conforming to a wedding tradition but the focus is not conformity, it is the statement that you make.

Choose a song that means something to you. The song played at the bar where you first met, the theme song of your sci-fi movie or an ironic love song are some of the possibilities. To perfect your moves, communicate with your partner. 

Communicate throughout the process of song choice and practice. This is a statement that you will be making together whether it involves a few raised eyebrows and several blushing cheeks.

Social butterflies

For the social butterflies, the first dance is not only a declaration of love, but an expression of personality, character and style. You love it when the crowd cheers you on. You can turn a mishap into a clever highlight to your dance. Choose songs that are upbeat and cheeky.  Choose something that both of you can really groove to. If you are incorporating props and back up, make sure to practice so that everything will be well coordinated.

Song and dance is an expression. Your first dance must express not only your individual personalities, it must express who you are as a couple. Plan your first dance now and start practicing to surprise your friends and family.

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