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5 Things You Can Only Do in a Winter Wedding

People usually opt to have their weddings during the summer or spring seasons. Winter? Not so much. But this is exactly one of the best reasons why you should hold yours during winter! Not only will you have fewer couples to go against with for the perfect venue, but you will actually get to save more. 
Winter is considered off-peak for weddings, so vendors would most likely offer lower rates just to secure your signature and agreement in using their services for your wedding. Winter also gives you a different kind of magical ambiance that you can’t really have during the summer season, and the pure whiteness of the snow makes for a perfect backdrop for your sparkly dress and glittering jewelry. 
Photo by: Laura Dye
If you still need convincing that the winter is the best time for you to get married, check out 5 of the things that you can only do in a winter wedding:

1. Be surrounded by snow. 

So you can’t actually control the weather and order it to snow, and you most likely wouldn’t want your wedding to happen during a snowstorm anyway, but having a winter wedding definitely gives you the option to be surrounded by snow. 
Having your wedding during the winter is the perfect excuse to have “snow” falling down as you walk down the aisle, or as you have your first dance. It just gives off such a magical effect that would look really silly if you have it during any other time of the year, particularly during the summer.

2. Serve up hot chocolate at the bar.

Tropical frozen or iced drinks may not be so in demand during winter, so best to avoid serving those. Not to worry, though, as the winter replacements can actually be even better. How about having the bar serve up some hot chocolate? Or better yet, why not create a make-your-own hot chocolate bar for your guests to make their own concoction of piping hot chocolate with all kinds of mix-ins and top it all off with flavored alcohol? Now that’s something you can’t do just about any other time of the year!

3. Wear (faux) fur - and stay comfortable.

Summer brides usually worry about how to stay virtually sweat-free during the entire event, and not to mention avoiding fainting from the heat in an outdoor wedding. Winter brides, on the other hand, don’t have that kind of problem to deal with. No sweaty underarms, or melting make up to have to worry about! 
While it can be argued that winter brides do need to fight off a different kind of temperature to stay alive and comfortable during their winter weddings, the selling point is that they also get to wear luxurious capes and cute sweaters and coats over their dresses, be very comfortable frolicking outside, and still look amazing. If that isn’t comfortable and magical enough for you, winter weddings give the bride the privilege of kicking off their high heels in favor of comfy boots as they have their pictures taken outside in the snow. 

4. Use as much flowers as you would like.

It probably won’t be a good idea to go overboard with the floral details, and you really ought to stick to your color theme in order to showcase the best of the flowers that you chose. But winter is the best time for flowers as they tend to last longer during this season, so if you’re dead set on having a winter wedding, go ahead and have fun choosing the flowers you really like for your wedding decorations. They’ll live through the entire day. 

5. Play Christmas or season songs.

Christmas songs are mostly about happiness and cheer, so playing them during your wedding party would most likely get everyone in a good mood. Of course, this will also depend on whether you actually believe in the spirit of Christmas. But having a winter wedding automatically makes it okay for a “All I want for Christmas is You” to be played during the reception. Your wedding band will know it, and your guests will think it’s appropriate for the season. 

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