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Winter Wedding Entertainment: 6 Things to Remember

A long time ago, engaged couples would wince at the thought of tying the knot during winter season. But with the development of so many wedding options throughout the years, winter weddings have now become a popular trend.
Winter weddings are magical, romantic, and make for beautiful photographs. Remember Phoebe’s wedding?
Plus, if you get married during mid-winter, you get both the romance of your special day and the excitement of Christmas.
But a lot of mistakes can happen when planning a winter wedding - especially with the wedding entertainment. Here are some things to remember to avoid these winter wedding blunders. 

1. Lay down a budget

Entertainment is what your guests will remember even years after your wedding day, so it’s important to include it in your list of wedding planning priorities. Part of the planning process means setting a chunk of your wedding budget aside for entertainment options. 
Luckily, the winter period is considered the “off-peak” season for most performers, which means  wedding entertainment options are a lot cheaper. So if you book as early as six months ahead, you can expect to get a lot more bang for your buck. 

2. Check the performers’ availability early on

Don’t forget that winter is also time for Christmas parties and year-end corporate celebrations. This means that for a few days within the season, there is a massive increase in demand for all kinds of entertainment performers - from wedding party bands to classical artists to DJs.
To make sure you get the perfect band for your wedding, check their availability as early as you can. This will help you save money and give you a better chance at getting the act you want.

3. Go for indoor entertainment

While a winter outdoor theme may seem like a good idea on paper, consider what it means for your everyone - including your wedding band - to be outside during that time. Think about how windy or cold it might get.
Your winter wedding musicians can perform better indoors where it’s warm, cozy, and safe from the elements. Indoor entertainment can result to a fun and fiery time for you and your guests.

4. Ensure you have enough indoor space

Now that you’ve agreed on having your musicians perform indoors, you must make sure that your venue has enough capacity to handle everything - from the performers to their equipment to the dancing guests, of course. 
Scottish ceilidh bands would require a larger dance floor to accommodate everyone dancing while smaller bands like the Jazz Duo might not need so much space. Talk to your venue manager beforehand to know about your venue capacity and restrictions.

5. Don't stick to traditional wedding music

One advantage of getting married in Christmas time is that you can pick specialist acts to highlight your winter theme. For example, you can book a choir to sing Christmas carols at the start of the ceremony, or hire a band of musical santas. The options are abundant! 
You can also ask your wedding playlist to be more Christmas-themed. Some winter ceremony favorites include Winter by Vivaldi  and All You Need is Love from the movie Love Actually.

6. Don't settle on not having any wedding music at all

Wedding music is a significant part of any wedding. It sets the tone of your special day, it brings people together, and as mentioned earlier, it’s what guests will remember most. Without it, you’ll be missing out on the opportunity of giving your guests a fun and memorable time on your special day.
You don’t need to hire the biggest band or the most expensive act for your wedding. As long as you have a source of music that has been well thought of, then that’s fine. It’s better than than having nothing at all.

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