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What is a Ceilidh Band?

What is a Ceilidh Band?

Across the world, wedding ceremonies and their traditions vary considerably and Scotland is no different. Tied to the cultural heritage of Scotland, Ceilidh music, and its accompanying traditional dances, have captured the hearts of weddinggoers from across the globe. Here at Music for Scotland, many of our bands offer up to an hour of Ceilidh music as part of their services - but what is a Ceilidh band and why are they so sought after? Read on to find out!

The Tradition of Ceilidh in Scottish Weddings

The Ceilidh is a storied tradition that dates back centuries. The dances are very lively and are always inclusive to allow guests of all ages and skill levels to participate - bringing people together during the wedding celebrations.

The music itself is a collection of Scottish and Irish folk music, which would typically involve the use of flutes, accordions, and fiddles. Today, however, most bands are able to include guitars and drums to modernise the experience and create an exciting element of fusion in the performance. 

There are a number of traditional ceilidh dances to choose from, including; The Gay Gordons, La Rouse, Cumberland Square 8, and Dashing White Sergeant, and while they are all accessible, having a caller can make all the difference.

What is a Ceilidh Caller?

A caller is a key part of the Ceilidh experience. They guide the participants through the moves and, ultimately, ensure everyone has a good time. Helping your guests learn the moves will help keep everyone on the dancefloor and in high spirits. 

A number of our bands include a caller for your ceilidh, ensuring that no one feels left out and everyone can participate and enjoy themselves.

Examples of Ceilidh Music

A number of our bands can provide a ceilidh set within their performance. To see some of them in action, follow the links below:

Find your Scottish Ceilidh Band with Music For Scotland

Whether you are having a wedding in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, or anywhere in between, Music For Scotland supplies excellent wedding bands for all musical tastes, including ceilidh bands. Our bands' song lists are very diverse and are not limited by genre or style to ensure that you can keep everybody happy and on the dancefloor from start to finish.
All of our bands are able to travel across Scotland and beyond to make the wedding of your dreams a reality so don't let that slow you down when selecting the best Scottish Ceilidh band for you.

To help in your search for the perfect wedding band for your big day, make sure to check out our band profiles. Here you can peruse each band's song lists, watch them in action, read reviews of brides and grooms who chose that band, and even contact the band directly with any questions you may have. 

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