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Should You Hire a Live Wedding Band?

Undoubtedly, music is the rhythm of any celebration, including your wedding day. That is why it is very important to carefully think about it during the wedding planning process early on. Can’t decide on the right music maker? Here are some reasons why we think a live band should play the tunes on your special day.

Live bands can help you save big on your entertainment

A significant portion of the wedding budget automatically goes to the wedding outfits, venues and caterers. If you find yourself on a limited budget for wedding entertainment, you can always opt for a wedding band. 
A professional wedding band is all you need to keep your wedding guests entertained the entire time. You no longer need to hire additional acts to make your celebration a day to remember. Wedding bands can be the main entertainment - sometimes even the only entertainment required.

They can help you work the crowd

It is expected for people to be a little more outgoing when in a social situation such as a wedding reception. Some people however are extremely shy and will not make an effort to connect with others. 
Live wedding bands have a lot of experience in dealing with people. Unlike recorded music, they are interactive and are known experts in working a crowd - getting even the shyest of guests to dance or at least clap their hands and sing along.

With a live band, you get a free emcee

When hiring a DJ or any other types of entertainment, you often need to hire an emcee as well. You will need someone to interact with the crowd, make announcements and help you transition to the different parts of your wedding reception. Live bands, their vocalists especially, can also double as your emcee. This will help you eliminate the cost of paying for an emcee. Also, because they are also the ones working the music, the music and the program will easily be coordinated.

Live bands can help break the ice

Some of the wedding guests may have never met before and are not as comfortable in starting conversations. Hiring live musicians such as a ceilidh band can definitely help break the ice. Ceilidh wedding bands are well-known at getting everyone on the dance floor and having fun while skipping the awkward phase.
Music also gives people something to talk about. When live music starts to play, the tension lessens and it becomes easier for people to connect.

Your live band can adjust your music to your crowd

Musicians in your live band are highly trained professionals. Part of that training is to get a feel of the crowd and adjust their music accordingly. If you have older guests, they can play the classics so your aunts and uncles get the chance to waltz to the songs that they know. They can also play some newer tunes so your bridesmaids and groomsmen can have a fun night dancing.

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Wedding bands will never be out of style because the industry in itself is dynamic. They are traditional but they still to bring something new to the table. Begin your search for perfect live band by browsing through our roster of highly qualified musicians. Love what you see? Book any of our wedding bands today.
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