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7 Money Saving Tips for Wedding Entertainment

Planning a wedding is neither easy on time and energy, nor is it easy on finances. Vendor prices are rising and some people have taken to planning their own weddings themselves in an attempt to cut down on costs. 
Fortunately, couples don’t have to go to such length as crossing out wedding entertainment on their planning checklist. There are certainly various ways in which to save money on wedding entertainment.

1. Book early.

This actually applies to more than just the wedding entertainment, as booking early on venues and hotel rooms usually means discounts and lower rates. Most bands tend to be willing to lower their prices in exchange of the assurance of a steadier flow of income through gigs, so booking early on gives the bride and groom leverage to negotiate the price for the performance fee. Booking off-peak is also a great way of saving money on wedding entertainment, venue, and other vendors.

2. Get ideas from the venue.

Checking out the venue early on is a must as this gives a more concrete idea of the size of the place, as well as the types and number of equipment that’s included. Inquiring about the availability of certain equipment such as amps, speakers, and microphones can mean possibly cutting down on the band’s travel costs as it would save them the hassle of having to transport their own equipment to the venue. Also, knowing how large or small the space that a wedding band is set to perform in is good to know in order to appropriately choose the right-sized wedding band for the wedding party. 

3. Use references.

A lot of the bigger bands may have obtained a majority of their bookings through word of mouth, but choices shouldn’t be limited to what friends and family can recommend. Going online and checking out forums and blogs is a good way of finding more wedding bands that are not only highly rated, but also at prices well-within the budget allotted for wedding entertainment.

4. Consider the band’s versatility.

Couples usually find themselves booking several different performers for different parts of the wedding day. The musician playing the piano during the wedding ceremony could be non-related to the wedding band that’s set to play party songs during the reception. But why hire several when it’s possible to hire one band for all parts of the wedding? Exploring the bands versatility allows couples to save on hiring several musicians by making a package deal of sorts for an all-day wedding entertainment package. 

5. Opt for acoustic.

Not all couples will want to have a full wedding band to play during the wedding ceremony or reception. Some may opt to go with a string quartet or even a guitar and singer duo in order to achieve a more reserved and soothing sound. For such preferences, hiring an acoustic act would be ideal, and can even be cheaper as there’s no need to lug around expensive heavy equipment.

6. Go local.

Using local vendors means cheaper prices, and it’s usually the case with wedding bands as well. Local bands are able to provide wedding music at a cheaper cost since there are no fuel costs and toll taxes that come with hiring bands from a few towns away. Local wedding bands could also have more references from people that the bride and groom actually know, and that makes trusting these bands with the task of providing wedding music be a lot easier.

7. Decide to be flexible.

Flexibility goes a long way in deciding on wedding entertainment. Brides and grooms may have a hard time finding the perfect wedding band without compromising. Being flexible in not only the budget but also on possible suggestions for a better put-together wedding entertainment package can result to getting more value for money.
With the money saving tips enumerated, there’s no reason NOT to check out that wedding band that’s been making waves in the wedding industry. Why take the risk of taking away something that can help break the ice among guests and getting them to enjoy the celebration as much as bride and groom?

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