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Castle Venues for Edinburgh Weddings

Scotland is the perfect destination for a fairy tale wedding with its well-balanced mix of romance, tradition, and history. After all, it's a lot easier to feel like royalty if you get married in an actual castle – something that is plentiful in Scotland.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect castle wedding venue, check out the ones in and around Edinburgh, including these 3 amazing castles below:

1. Edinburgh Castle

Sitting proudly atop Castle Rock, Edinburgh Castle has a lot going for it. Location-wise, it’s right in Edinburgh, which gives your guests plenty of transportation options to choose from.

2. Calowrie Castle

This one is right on Edinburgh’s doorstep, and has that modern luxury theme going for it that can make you feel like a princess in a storybook.

3. Dundas Castle

Easily one of Scotland’s most beautiful castles with a grand history to it, Dundas Castle is rented in its entirety, which means that you get the whole place to yourself for your special day.

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