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What are Tribute Bands and Why Should I Book Them?

Are you a fan of Frank Sinatra, Madonna or The Beatles but never had the chance to see them perform live? Experience the musical magic and glory of your favorite singers - without spending a fortune - by booking tribute bands.

What are tribute bands?

A tribute band is a group of people who perform the music of another well-known singer or band whose members died or split up. Although some of the tribute bands, do in fact do tribute to a band that is still in existence and performing. 
Not only do they sound like the original artists with their authentic instruments, tribute band singers also mimic the original artist's appearance and gestures, making their performance close to the real thing. Some of the popular tribute bands perform as Queen, The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. 
Another type of tribute band plays to a particular style or era, and not just to one artist. One example is Glam Slam, a tribute band who gets everyone in the mood with their '70s songs.
If you’re planning to host an event, you might want to consider booking a tribute band. Here are seven reasons why. 

1. Never had the opportunity to see your favorite artist perform live? Tribute bands can offer you a performance closest to the real thing.

If you missed the chance to watch your favorite musicians perform live because they're way past their prime, book a tribute band. Tribute bands spend a considerable amount of time and effort to appear and sound like the original band members. Artists Al J. and Marty Waugh do a great job at performing like Frank Sinatra.
Aside from imitating the vocals, they also follow the artist's style - down to the costumes, light shows, even mannerisms. Some are so good, they're nearly as good as the originals.

2. On a budget? Tribute bands are affordable compared to the original artists but provide the same quality of entertainment.

Booking a famous artist to perform at your corporate event may be incredibly expensive - if booking them is even possible. With tribute bands, you get the same entertainment quality at a price that doesn't empty your wallet. 

3. Do you want a blast from the  past? Tribute bands are great way to travel back in time.

If you miss listening to The Beatles and wish you could stroll down memory lane again, tribute bands like Thee Beatles' can make your musical dreams come true! Journey back in time as they perform the songs from your favorite artists.

4. Tribute bands can provide you an all-out performance.

Tribute bands are terrific performers for weddings, corporate functions and private parties because they provide excitement, enthusiasm and energy of a full live show complete with dances and costume changes. Tribute bands are all for giving the guests a very good time.

5. Concerned that your event might turn out boring? Tribute bands offer fun interaction with the audience.

Tribute bands not only offer the very best of the music you enjoy the most but also know how to make feel guests happy and comfortable. A good tribute band attracts a large crowd, increases the level of energy and excitement of the guests throughout the night.

6. Tribute bands can personalise their performance to suit your music preference.

While they perform to a particular style or band, tribute bands can also be flexible to suit your musical needs. Just let them know how you want to personalise the performance and they will be open to adding a little twist for you.

7. Tribute bands are not too hard to find.

Thanks to the Internet, tribute bands are not that hard to find. However, with the availability of hundreds of bands, it might be time-consuming to go through each one and pick the best.
Going through a music agency is probably one of the best ways to search for a tribute band. Since music agencies only work with professional artists, quality is never an issue. No matter what band you book, you won't have to deal with amateurs who don't know how to please a crowd.  

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