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How to Have an Affordable Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding is challenging enough, what more when you actually have to work around a budget? The cost that a wedding entails can often come as a shock to those who have never thought about how much it costs to get married. Arguably, the reception takes up quite a chunk of the total amount spent on the wedding, and it does not follow that fewer guests means fewer expenses, either.

Here are some ways that could help you have an affordable wedding reception:

Location is key.

The venue is bound to take up a huge chunk of your wedding reception budget, so it’s imperative that you get this decision right. To choose the right venue, first consider the type of wedding that you envision yourself having. Then have an estimate of the number of people you plan to invite, while taking the season that the wedding date falls on into consideration - lest you want yourself and your guests to shiver in the cold outside for a winter wedding. 

Rather than sticking to hotel ballrooms, how about checking out some local parks that you could rent out for a minimal fee? Or if you’re really tight on budget, try planning out your wedding in your own backyard. Not only will you save on rental costs, you’d be right at home and know exactly where everything’s placed.

Be smart about decorations.

Decorations make the theme of the wedding come to life, but often, these decorations are just one-time use items that would be money used up in a day. Be smart about your decorations, choose items that you can easily use again even after the reception. 

For example, rather than having fresh floral centrepieces on every table, try replacing them with tall glass bowls filled with water and colourful stones at the bottom to give off a rather sophisticated yet bright centrepiece? Let your creative juices flow!

Explore Your Creativity with the Menu.

Unless you're having your wedding reception in a hotel where the food is catered and fixed, you can choose whatever type of food you want to serve. Food and drinks actually cost most couples the biggest amount for their wedding reception, next to the venue. 

To avoid having your food bills pile up, try customizing the menu, cutting out those items that you think you can do without. Or better yet, ask your family members to cook certain dishes for you to serve at your wedding reception. 

For drinks, you can choose to limit the consumption to one brand of champagne, one type of beer, and one order of cocktail per person; although, of course, serving non-alcoholic drinks is still the cheapest option.

Stick to Simple Yet Meaningful Wedding Favours.

There’s no rule saying you have to give wedding favours, but having guests take away some sort of remembrance of your wedding is part of what makes the whole event memorable. But rather than choosing to give ready-made favours that lack personality and are pricey, why not give wedding favours that are both unique and meaningful? 

For example, if you’re having your wedding during summer or spring, you can prepare small bags of flower seeds for guests to take home and plant in their own backyards. Or if you have a knack for making stuff yourself, try to make favours like home-made scented candles or even sweets packed in little bags to give to guests as a way of expressing your thanks for their presence on your special day.

Plan Low-Cost Entertainment.

Wedding music is very important as it sets the tone and mood of the event, so try not to be too cheap on this, lest you find yourself regretting it long after the wedding has commenced. Hiring a good wedding band should be a priority, but do try to explore several options that would cut the cost of your wedding entertainment budget as a whole. 

For example, you can choose to just hire the wedding band for the reception, and get one or two of your closest friends to sing during the wedding ceremony. If you plan to invite friends who have to bring their kids along, arrange a kids' corner where they can amuse themselves when they’re feeling bored. Better yet, ask a family member or friend to organize some games for the guests to enjoy. 

Weddings don’t have to cost a fortune in order to be memorable. You just need to remember that there’s more to celebrate on that special day than having thrown an expensive party that may leave you starting your wedding life broke. 

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