29 Nov 2015 Admin

6 Reasons to Have Your Wedding in December

One of the most important decisions to make when planning a wedding is the date. A lot of couples opt to get married during the warmer months, but there’s just something so enchanting about having your wedding in winter. Not only will there be less of a competition for vendors, your wedding will naturally stand out simply by being held in a month when not a lot of other weddings take place.

If you still need convincing, here are 6 reasons why you should consider a December wedding:

1. Friends and family are usually home for the holidays.

A wedding is about the two people saying their “I do’s”, but it’s the family and friends who attend to witness their union who make the event even more special. People usually come home for the holidays in December, so having your wedding ceremony and celebration during this month means you’ll have more of the most special people in your lives in attendance.

2. You’ll have more options - for less!

Compared to June and September when a lot of weddings happen, December is one of the less popular months among brides and grooms. This can be attributed to the fact that not everyone is willing to deal with the cold that comes with the winter season. However, this also means that a lot of vendors are available, so you’d have more options to choose from - and for less, as most of them would be willing to cut you a deal so you’d choose their services. You’d also have a higher chance of booking your venues on your preferred dates during this month.

3. Any color palette works.

Certain color palettes work best during a particular season, but with winter, you don’t really have to worry too much about that. Winter months like December has this certain neutrality that just complements various shades and color schemes. The white snow can serve as a gorgeous backdrop for photos and makes any color pop out. 

4. Your hair and make-up will last longer. 

Getting married on a summer month can be pretty awesome. You have sunny days and bright lights that make colors pop out, resulting in perfect wedding photos. However, summer days are not exactly kind to hair and make up. Winter season, on the other hand, has a lesser chance of humidity, which only translates to coiffed hair that stays in place. Make up, during winter, also lasts longer as there’s no need to worry about sweating too much. So having your wedding in December can mean less worrying on whether or not you still look good enough for the photos.

5. Winter weddings are just so magical. 

There’s a certain ambiance that is only present during the colder months and which makes everything so much more romantic. So while getting married in June or September are popular, December should definitely be considered when deciding on which month to hold the wedding celebration. 

6. You can play holiday music and no one will bat an eyelash.

If you and your partner love holiday sounds and have always wanted to incorporate the joy that holiday music has into your special day, then a winter wedding is the perfect time to do just that. Just make sure that you talk this over with your wedding band to make sure that they’re perfectly fine with playing holiday songs as part of your wedding music playlist.

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