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5 Entertainment Ideas for a Fall Wedding

Autumn is generally such a beautiful time of the year. With the changing of the colors of leaves on trees, a rather whimsical feel prevails in the air and makes this season one of the best times to hold outdoor celebrations and events. Weddings held in fall can make full use of the stunning backdrop that nature provides, and there’s just enough light to make wedding photos come out just how you want it. 
Whether you decide to hold your fall wedding outdoors or celebrate it with loved ones indoors, there are plenty of ways to keep guests entertained, especially during the reception. Here are a few entertainment ideas that will surely be just right for a wedding taking place in autumn:

1. Hire a walkabout magician.

Not a lot of people may think of magicians at wedding receptions, but that’s what makes this idea perfect - and not to mention cool. As wedding guests start arriving at the reception area and are served with drinks or tiny snacks to keep them occupied, the hired magician would mingle and work his hand magic on unsuspecting guests. This not only serves as entertainment, it also helps in breaking the ice among guests who may not know each other. As the magician works his way through the crowd, his magic will weave through them and serve as a talking point through the rest of the event, possibly forging friendships among those who previously were strangers to each other.

2. Offer marshmallows at a food bar.

Or any comfort food that you commonly associate with autumn, for that matter. But marshmallows offered at the food bar can be taken up a notch, especially if you’re planning to serve them outdoors. Have a big fire pit ready where guests can toast their marshmallows, and have a variety of sauces, ice cream, or candies to go with them. Better yet, provide all the ingredients needed to make smores, and have jugs of mulled cider at a ready for guests to enjoy as they roast their fluffy marshmallow treats.

3. Light up some candles on the dance floor.

In every party, there’s bound to be a dance floor. Autumn weddings are typically cozy, and the natural hues and colors of the trees and leaves can make anyone feel warm and fuzzy. Amp up the romance by lighting up some candles on the dance floor - just be mindful of their placement and make sure no accidents can happen as guests start dancing!

4. Brighten the sky with fireworks.

Autumn nights tend to be darker, and this serves as the perfect backdrop for a lovely fireworks display. Fireworks can delight both the young and the old, so it’s a great source of entertainment for weddings. Do check with your venue first before organizing a fireworks display to ensure that you won’t be violating any restrictions regarding noise and time.

5. Choose the right kind of wedding music.

There’s good music, and there’s bad music, and you really don’t want your wedding music to be categorized into the latter. Whether you decide on a wedding band, or a classical singer to provide your music needs for your reception, it’s important to choose the band or singer that most suits your taste. The venue is another factor to consider, as well. If you’re having an outdoor fall wedding reception party, you can have tents set up where guests can go into once the music starts and people get up to dance. For this set up, a wedding band would be the most perfect music source. If you book the right band, your wedding music could be the talk of the guests for weeks or even months to come!

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